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How will Kumon help in Exceptional Child Growth?

by wiselyrohan

The school syllabus covers several new topics, concepts and formulas every day. The pressure to complete the entire course keeps building throughout the academic year. Often, the previous concepts are left unpractised and students tend to ignore the subject. School teachers are responsible for showing the pathway to understanding subjects but Kumon completes the process by practising the basic concepts on which the foundation is built.

Researches say that our mind only retains the long-term memory which is formed by regular practice. The forgotten basic concepts can create multiple hurdles in the academic career of a child. The only solution to this problem is the repetitive practices of the learnt concepts and formulas, along with relearning the forgotten basics. In this situation, Kumon comes to the rescue. By providing quality materials that consist of basic formulas and concepts, Kumon helps in increasing students’ mental concentration along with strengthening their basics. The practice exercises help in retaining the concepts and make them a part of their long-term memory.


How does Kumon prepare early learners for preschool and help in their exceptional growth?

Throughout the country, kids as young as three years old are experiencing joyful moments and a spirit of “I can do it”, as they develop their capabilities through Kumon, the world’s largest early childhood education and after-school Maths and English program. From repeating words and counting pictures to practising pencil skills and more, numerous early learners enrolled in Kumon develop a solid academic foundation and a love of learning.

Recently, the early levels of the Kumon program are providing greater flexibility with the practice of pencil skills, depending upon the specific needs of each child. At this level, the exercises complement the English and Maths materials of further levels. Through practising scribbling and drawing lines, curves and angles, preschoolers in Kumon develop pencil skills in a colourful, fun and engaging way.

Proper pressure and grip are important components in learning how to write with a pencil. Writing also plays an important role in the brain development of kids. According to research, preschoolers who were subjected to early childhood education and practised writing regularly exhibited a level of brain development similar to adults.


How Kumon nurture essential life skills among kids?

The Kumon Method of learning aims to develop life skills among children alongside their ability in English and Maths. Academically, Kumon’s learning process breaks down the topics into small, manageable steps, that allow children to spend time thinking about each stage, learning as they go and thinking about what comes next and trying things out. In this way, kids develop a deeper understanding of the subject and can progress quickly, often ahead of their grade level. But school success requires more than the ability to be good at English and Maths. Additional skills that kids require to succeed in their school are,

  • Self-study
  • Self-discipline
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-learning
  • Confidence
  • Ability to concentrate for long periods
  • A love of learning

Below are some points mentioned about how Kumon helps kids to nurture these skills that ultimately lead to their exceptional growth.

●      Develops independent learners

Kumon offers endless opportunities for students to develop their problem-solving abilities by encouraging them to work out comprehension answers and sums independently, despite teaching in the conventional sense. Kumon’s students develop the attitude and skills to become self-learners who do not rely on or are limited by the skills and knowledge of others.

●      Individualised study program

Kumon’s individualised learning method allows each student to study at the “just right” level, regardless of age or school grade. Through continued study, students progress at their own pace, in small manageable steps, and eventually go on to study beyond their school level.

●      Promotes daily study

The Kumon program emphasises daily practice. This approach is taken as Kumon believes completing an appropriate amount of work on a daily basis is more effective for a student than studying for longer sessions with extended breaks. Through this approach, students learn more efficiently and make stronger progress as they can apply what they have learned.


Wrapping It Up

Kumon is an early childhood education program that unlocks the potential of children and helps in their exceptional growth so that they can achieve more on their own. It is a platform that brings the best out of every student and provides the scope for improvement, irrespective of anyone’s school grades. For more information about the Kumon Method, please visit the website.

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