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How to Write Fight Scenes: 10 Tips to Write a Fight Scene that Bangs!

by thomasrichard
How to Write Fight Scenes: 10 Tips to Write a Fight Scene that Bangs!

Most writers used to write fight scenes in their stories to gain their readers’ interest. Sometimes it is the need of the stories to write some action scenes. It depends on the book title or what story is going on in the book Fight scenes bring excitement and thrill to readers’ minds. They are not well written, but of course, it is not an easy task to describe the action scenes in words. When you are going to shoot a fight scene, you can easily show the characters and their movement shooting those scenes. But describing the action scenes in words is one of the difficult tasks. Many authors wrote the best fight scenes in books with their writing skills and creativity. If you want to know how to write good fight scenes in your novels or stories, this blog will prove to be very helpful. You can get the best ten tips on how to write a fighting scene when you thoroughly read this blog with full attention.

How To Write A Fight Scene In A Book:

If you want to write fight scenes in books, you must remember these points. The first fight scene rule is to refrain from discussing the fight scene. With your words, you demonstrate it to the reader. Make sure they can visualize the action sequence. Make readers feel as though they are inside your book, observing the fight scene from a distance with all five senses as it unfolds in front of them by pushing them deeper into the pages. Or perhaps the reader sees the conflict from the protagonist’s point of view. When you describe fight scenes in words, you should have to feel each and every movement of the scenes. Would the blood in your tongue taste bad? Is there a stench of grime in the air? What sort of swashes might be heard during a sword fight? Would you sense its coldness if you dropped on the damp floor face down? Could you feel the pounding of your heart in your chest?.

You do not have to write a long description. Using your writing skills, you have to make your readers believe that the scene happened. Sometimes authors make the fight scenes boring, and readers skip those paragraphs, which is not good for the writers. In that case, you can mention some important conversations between the fight scenes related to the story in which readers try to find the plot of the stories. Using this technique by writing a fight scene in a novel, insist your reader read the whole scene.

Why Is It Necessary To Writing A Fight Scene In Books?

When the authors want to bring the readers’ attention to their novels, they should have placed some good writing combat scenes in their novels. These scenes act as adrenaline-pumping and force the readers to complete the novel. When you successfully engage your readers to read the whole novel at one time, you will achieve your goals. But for this, you have to learn how to write good action scenes. The underlying premise is that the writer has less room to explain the action scenario the faster it is happening. Just as there are exceptions to every generalization, this one also has some. Yes, it is crucial to provide the reader with more information, such as the mood, the character’s emotions, their movements, the dialogue between tense moments, etc. But creating descriptions has its drawbacks. Keeping the reader’s attention on the scene is difficult. Even if you precisely portray the situation, you risk losing the reader’s interest if you get bogged down in the smallest of details and stretch out boxing matches across several pages.

Using these emotions and situations, you can easily be writing an action scene in your novels. Include some speech in the scene, but keep the words brief, to keep readers interested even when they aren’t into combat scenes in books. When the conflict begins after the protagonists have a dialogue, it is simpler to do that. As the battle scenario unfolds, have them continue their conversation utilizing quick shots and one-liners. Be mindful of the timing of the dialogue in relation to the action.

Importance Of Writing Action Scenes In The Novel:

The best-written fight scenes in the novel are essential to make it attractive or exciting. If you are looking for how to write battle scenes, you have to ask yourself if there is a need for a fight scene in a novel or if you just want to gain the readers’ attention. There is a huge difference between whether your novel needs a fight scene or you want a fight scene in the novel. In the first condition, you just have to write the best fight scene according to your story plot.

In the second condition, you have to make the scenario and learn how to write a fight scene with powers to make sense and save your novel from going on other tracks. Don’t give the characters the same stale motivation that authors have been presenting in action writing industry for centuries, as this will make your conflicts boring. Because they are the protagonist of your novel, your protagonist shouldn’t be battling for the greater good. The opponent in your story shouldn’t be pitted against the hero’s noble intentions simply because they are wicked in nature.

Great Fight Scenes Are Used To Describe The Aggressive Characters:

There are so many characters in the novels which make the story complete. Sometimes some stories need aggressive characters to build actions and thrills according to the story plot or title. If the story is based on spy or terror attacks, you should have definitely mentioned some fighting scenes in books. According to the human psyche, they always want to seem terrorists or villains with aggressive or angry personalities. To write these kinds of novels, you should have to learn how to write fighting scenes. It is also necessary that you should know which centuries you want to show in your books. If you are going to tell your readers fourteen or fifteen-century history and your novel demand some action scenes.

You have to learn how to write a sword fight scene. Because in the past, no guns or armor were used during battle. They used swords and shields during battles. On the other hand, if you are showing the modern or present time in your books. You can use some modern weapons names and their use process in your novels. Every author must define their motive for the scenes in detail. But you can use fist fight scene writing examples in both scenarios.

Tell The Reason For An Action Scene:

You have to create a plot of your fighting sequence to prepare the mind of your readers for what comes next in the novel or what is the basic reason for fight scenes. After the combat scene, what does each character stand to gain? This will help you how to write an action scene. What occurs if they triumph? Is there a reward that makes one character’s participation in the battle scene more acceptable than that of the other? If they were to lose the battle, what would they lose? Do they gain any insight? Do they pick up a new martial arts move or an important fact about the other side? Can the character predict the reward they will receive? Does it affect them fundamentally differently? Write it as a conflict between two ideals. The world may determine which philosophy prevails, but writers get to select what happens to their characters after a victory or defeat. Make them better in any way that allows them to make decisions they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, such as making them stronger, more resilient, intelligent, and better in any other way.

Some Important Writing Fight Scenes Examples:

Every writer’s biggest mistake is trying to write the fighting scenes to keep visual media in mind. Due to these mistakes, readers can not create a scenario in their minds that writers want to tell them. You always write or use those words or lines which describe every single moment of the scene. When are you thinking about how to write a good fight scene? You have to describe it in an appropriate manner. Keep in mind that learning the move and its technique requires time and focused investigation.

When you write “butterfly kick” in the middle of a sentence, don’t expect the reader to be able to picture the action right away. If you don’t want to lose your audience’s interest, keep the technical jargon used to describe each action your character takes to a minimum. Make them hear and feel the combat scenario in addition to seeing what it looks like.

What Language Is Used For Creating A Good Action Scene?

Two parts make up the vocabulary used to write a battle scene. The first element of writing a fight scene is how the sentences are put together, and the second half is the language the characters use while trading blows. To write the best action sequence, you have to learn what kind of language you can use to make possible fight scenes. You can understand this example. When the directors want to shoot a fight scene. They have to select a location and organize it according to their requirements. Then they are looking for the equipment or tools which they have to use in their shots.

They also focus on the lights or camera angles to make the best fight scene. If you are looking for the answer to this question of how to write a good action scene? You have to create all these scenarios through your words. First, you have to describe the location, either the fighters present in the house or somewhere else. Then you have to create a conversation between them about why they are fighting with each other. What makes a good fight scene? If this question arises in your mind, you have to tell all these things through your writing skills.


You Have To Play With The Readers’ Minds Through Your Word:

You can apply this technique if you want to know the best way to start a fight scene. Have you ever actually fought someone? Can you still think clearly in the midst of it? Most likely not. There are times when a second seems like an eternity. Then there are other times when everything happens in a split second, and you have no memory of it. You’re in a standing position, gazing around the room, and everything seems normal one second, and the next, you’re slouched on the ground.

Even though the people around you are conversing, you are unable to hear a single sound. Then it abruptly hits you, bringing you back to reality. You also have to take care of this point how long is a scene in a book. Because most authors can not go longer to describe the fight scene. It proves to be worst for their novel.

Read Some Good Examples About How To Make A Good Fight Scene:

Reading the work of the pros is the best method to learn how to write battle scenes. If you’re creating a novel, you need to identify the genre or category it falls under. Pick the most popular books in your genre and read them if you want to make a screenplay. Read other short stories if it’s a short narratives. However, reading great literature is always a good idea because it will teach you the fundamentals.

Then, if you read the fights in your own category, you can more effectively contrast the broad principles with what makes particular fight scenes unique. If you are going to write about the modern world, you have to read how to write a fight scene example. If you are going to tell your readers some pastime, you have to read sword fight writing examples.

You Can Get Help From Outsourcing:

If you are writing a novel for the first and you have zero experience in how to write fight scenes. You can ask the experts for assistance. Additionally, you can enlist the aid of expert writers and obtain some useful pointers.   You can get amazing book writing services also through the online platform.

If you think you wrote the best novel or you want to publish it. You can contact book marketing companies. They will offer you some official book marketing services to publish your novel. These are some essential tips for writing good action scenes.






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