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How to Write an Explainer Video Script – Amazing Tips & Tricks

by alizagavin
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In today’s tech-savvy world, more and more businesses are opting for explainer videos to market their product and services. Explainer videos are brief animated videos that explain the idea, product, service, or story in a compelling, clear, and concise manner in order to achieve the desired goals. However, for the success of the explainer video, the script is equally important as the visuals and the concept. Profitable explainer videos are always the ones that come with a compelling script.

Although no two videos are the same, to ensure the success of your explainer video, you can use a general formula consisting of some tips and tricks to make your explainer video stand out. You can use animated explainer video makers to turn your concepts into visuals and explain your thoughts through a great narrative.

What’s an Explainer Video Script?

What the narrator says in an explainer video is called the script. As it establishes rhythm and a logical flow, it is the first stage in creating a great explainer video. The vocal text and certain visual instructions make up the majority of an explainer video script. Later, animators might resort to visual instructions as a guide.

Not many businesses are aware, yet a script is quite significant. It may undermine visually striking content and worsen the situation than not employing an explanation at all.

Why Explainer Video Script Matters

A screenplay for an explainer video shows how effective a storyteller you are. It is important because the link between words and pictures must be strong enough to convey ideas to the audience that will stick with them for a long period. A screenplay for an explanatory video establishes the groundwork for later material (the animation part).

However, an explainer video script can only do so much if it is properly crafted.

You construct a home brick by brick, and you simply cannot afford to have a shaky foundation. Similar to this, getting your hands on a clear explainer video screenplay should be a top priority while creating an explainer video.

Tips & Tricks to Create a Killer Explainer Video Script

Following these tips, you can write a killer explainer video script.

Identify the Story Type

An explainer voiceover script often uses one of two narrative types to create a story:

Problem-solution: The issue, the solution, and the rewards are the three parts that make up the problem-solution story. Start with the audience member’s source of discomfort to grab their attention and get them to say, “Oh, it’s me.” Once you mark this off, they will undoubtedly want to stay to learn how to solve their issue. Present your proposed solution next, explain why it is the best one available, and conclude with a call to action.

Process Overview: You can guide viewers through every aspect of the full product or service you’re giving. For the introduction of a brand-new product or a previously unheard-of service, this narrative technique excels. Just make sure you keep the audience informed and let them know what’s going on. This may be accomplished by using straightforward, relevant language. When writing this screenplay, keep in mind that while you are an expert on the product or service, your audience is not.

If you find it difficult to fit your story into one of these narrative types, don’t panic. Your job is to clearly and simply communicate a tale; if you succeed in doing that, you’ll be OK.

Write For Your Audience

Tell viewers why they should watch your right away. The scriptwriter frequently introduces the product or service too slowly, which irritates the audience. Avoid doing that.

Take your time and sum up the entire thing’s meaning in roughly 30 seconds. After that, make sure the first line of your explainer film is the summary sentence. The entire script’s meaning should be encapsulated in the sentence. This is crucial since it will inform the intended audience of what to pay attention to in the video.

Be the First Critic

Regardless of how much thought you initially put into your writing, it is still going to be the first draft. Get to work and ruthlessly edit it. Edit it before giving it to your co-workers or any other confidant for a second or third opinion. If your favorite phrases are distracting, remove them entirely. Examining if the words have a purpose can be a quick approach to determine whether they are serving as a distraction.

Don’t Tell What You Can Show

Give the animators a little work to do. It’s simple to overlook information that can be illustrated using images. The most effective explanation videos are between 30 and 3 minutes long. If you want to keep an eye on the length of your screenplay, write it with a creative eye and consider what may be seen in the video.

Adjust for Voiceover

We see screenplays all too frequently that don’t quite work for us because they use strange wording or phrasing, making the voiceover sound unnatural. What you may do to modify your script for voiceover is as follows:

Read the dialogue aloud: When you read your script aloud, you’ll become aware of bad phrases and illogical connections. Before finishing the screenplay, you should try reading your script aloud since it helps you get clarity.

Keep a reading time log for the script: The average explainer video is one minute long and has a 150-word screenplay. However, if you want a more accurate estimation of the length of your screenplay, think about utilizing this voiceover script word counter.

Get Feedback

Receiving feedback from your friends, family, and co-workers is a simple approach to ensure that the material you are producing is interesting. Just watch out for them to provide you with honest feedback. Ultimately, adopting a script template will guarantee that your project is successful no matter what you do.


Starting from the beginning and writing your own explainer video screenplay is the best method to achieve it. If you follow the advice given in this thorough blog, you will soon become an expert explainer video scriptwriter. Your upcoming explainer video script project is going to be so catchy; we can only imagine!

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