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How to Use Local SEO to Your Advantage

What Is Local SEO?

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Use SEO to boost your website traffic, location searchability, and annual revenue. A local SEO strategy is best if your business has a website and operates from a physical location. You can significantly increase your company’s potential with a growth strategy from  seo services.

What Is Local SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is how to make a website more visible to people searching for the services and products your business offers. Local SEO makes your website easily searchable so that customers in your service area find you. If you do business at a physical location, your goal should be to rank on the first page of search results.

Why Your Business Needs an SEO Strategy

Your online presence will show credibility and trustworthiness with the right strategy. A strategy that fulfills your business’s specific needs requires the right pieces to be successful. Here are seven benefits your business can take advantage of with improved SEO.

Increased Site Traffic

When you improve your local reach, you can increase visitors to your website. Customers searching for your services or products will be able to reach your site. Increased site traffic could lead to increased business.


Higher Conversion Rates

You want to increase your website conversion rates even if you have a physical location and sell products or services online. A conversion rate is when someone reaches your site and completes an action, such as making a purchase.

Suppose you do not have products or services available to purchase online. In that case, your conversion rate will count on how many visitors filled out a “contact us” form, joined your newsletter, or filled out an inquiry form that provides your business with their contact information.

Improving your SEO will result in higher conversion rates. Higher conversion rates mean you have the opportunity to increase your revenue. 

Lower Your Paid Advertising

SEO helps potential customers reach your site without the use of paid ads. If you notice the traffic to your website is increasing, then decrease the amount of money you spend on paid ads. Over time, you can organically get people to your website with SEO instead of paying for ads that direct potential customers to your site.

Increase Local Searchability

Since your business operates from a physical location, you want to capture as much business as possible from customers searching for local goods and services. SEO determines your web page’s ranking on search results.

The higher your search results, the more likely customers will click on your site or contact your business. Up to 92% of search results capture the attention of searchers on the first page of search results on Google, whereas the second page captures only 6% of searchers’ attention.

Attract More Customers

Your business can attract potential customers with improved search result ranking. Increasing interested consumers may help your business increase sales and revenue.

Incentivize customers interested in your products or services to fill out a form with their contact information on your site. In exchange for their contact information, you could offer discounted services.

Get Business Reviews

A favorable business review impacts your ranking and may attract future business. Persuade customers to leave reviews with incentives like discounts on future services. Respond to the reviews left by customers to increase your SEO and customer interaction.

Beat the Competition

Ranking higher on the first page of search results can help you win new customers. Your ranking could put you higher than businesses offering similar products and services to yours. New customers increase your bottom line and put you ahead of the competition. 

3 Ways SEO.com Improves SEO

SEO.com has a team of experts who work diligently to improve your website’s SEO. Changes happen quickly, though results are not immediately recognizable. You will notice SEO progress in just a few months. Here are three ways to tailor your local SEO service:

1. Website Audit

One thing that search engine algorithms consider when ranking your website is its ease of use. We will complete a website audit to determine the steps needed to strengthen your site’s useability.

During the audit, our team will assess the site indexability and crawlability. We will also check for broken links, backlinks, and internal link distribution. The audit will also evaluate your website’s performance and speed.

Updates to your website can enhance your website’s useability and the end user’s experience. Factors that impact a user’s experience include the mobile layout and how easy a site is to navigate.

Discoveries made during the website audit will help us lay a path for your individualized SEO strategy after completing keyword research.

2. Keyword Research

Local SEO relies on the specific keywords used on your website. There are two types of keywords your website needs. The first is relevant keywords, and the second is location-based keywords.

Relevant keywords are specific to your business but not necessarily exact to your location. These are words and phrases potential customers use to find your company.

Location-based keywords are words and phrases that narrow down a search radius. You want to use keywords specific to your desired marketing area.

Our team performs keyword research to find the best words and phrases to boost your website’s SEO. 

3. Individualized Strategy

Once we have completed your website audit and keyword research, we will develop an individualized strategy to boost your website’s local SEO. Your plan might include a content strategy, on-page strategy, off-page strategy, or a combination of strategies.

The content on your website helps tell customers you are credible and trustworthy. Relevant content will promote your products and services on and off your website. Blogs can give customers the information they seek to know. Off-site content, such as articles written by other people, will direct customers to your website.

Your strategy may include optimizing your on-page and off-page SEO, too. On-page SEO is what people see when they visit your site. Off-page SEO covers the things people see on the internet but not on your website, like social media posts.


An individualized strategy will help us change the things that impact your SEO the most.

Get Results With SEO.com

SEO.com has helped clients improve their SEO for over ten years. Our team works hard to get the results you need so you can focus on your customers. With our help, you can be the first business locals go to when they go online.

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