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How to throw an intimate wedding party?

Guides on How to Make a Memorable Wedding Party

by GraceWilson
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If you’re planning to host a small wedding party, you may think that it’s impossible to make your day feel special. However, in reality, the best way to do this is by focusing on the details—from choosing an intimate venue to finding creative ways (like invitations) to get guests excited about the event. By following these steps when planning your wedding party, you’ll be sure that everyone has a good time and feels welcome at your celebration:

Start with a small guest list

The number of guests that you invite to your wedding party depends on a few things: the size and location of your venue, how much you can afford to spend on food and decorations, how much time you want to spend with your guests and how many people can fit in your venue.

If you have a relatively small venue, then it may be possible for more than two dozen people to attend without feeling cramped or overwhelmed by too much going on at once. However, if there isn’t enough space available at all times during your event because other activities are taking place simultaneously (such as eating dinner while another person watches sports highlights), then consider having fewer than 30 people there as well.

Send out save-the-date cards

If you’re planning on having an intimate wedding party, you’ll want to make sure that your guests know about it. Save the date cards are a great way to let people know about your upcoming wedding party and get them excited! They can be sent out as early as six months before the big day or as late as two weeks in advance (depending on how much time is left till then).

Make your own favorite cake

You can make your own favorite cake instead of purchasing it from the bakery. If you know how to bake, then it will be more fun making your own cake and sharing it with others. Your wedding should be personalized. If you are a fan of herbal tea, this should be on the table. If you love certain foods, don’t neglect them on the big day.

Select a theme and decorate accordingly

The first step in planning your intimate wedding party is to select a theme and decorate accordingly.

Before you get started, consider what type of venue you want to use for the party. If possible, choose an outdoor venue with minimal decoration required. If this isn’t possible, look for an indoor venue that has some sort of theme already established (think movie theaters or museums). This will allow guests to get into the mood quickly as soon as they walk through the door!

Choose music that reflects your personality

If you’re into country music, then go for it! If you love rock ‘n’ roll, then crank up the volume! If you want to dance until midnight with only a few people around, then make sure they know how to dance too!

Dress comfortably

For women, this means wearing a dress that doesn’t restrict movement or make it hard to dance (unless that’s what you want). Men should wear clothes that don’t restrict movement either. It’s a good idea for both sexes to wear comfortable shoes — heels are fine but not required here.

You can host an intimate wedding party on a budget

If you plan well, the costs will be much lower than those associated with a traditional wedding.

Here are some things to remember:

Be realistic about what you can afford. This isn’t the time for wishful thinking or unrealistic expectations about your budget—you’ll just end up disappointed if things don’t go as planned! Consider what your financial responsibilities are and decide how much of an event you think you’ll be able to afford; then stick to that number when creating plans for your intimate wedding party.

Do as much planning yourself as possible. It’s often cheaper to do things yourself than hire professionals or spend money on outside services, so take advantage of free resources like Pinterest and YouTube videos if possible! Look up themes, ideas for decorating, flowers that won’t cost too much (or even grow in your backyard!), ways people have made their own invitations…the list goes on! Instead of hiring a photographer, you can rent a wedding photo booth and still have perfect photos!

Use vintage items

Vintage items look elegant and classy and hence using them for decoration will give your wedding party a very special touch. You can also use old books for decoration purposes as these add sophistication to any room.

Have games during the reception

A good way to entertain guests while they’re waiting for food is to have some games set up in a corner of your venue where people can play while they wait for their food to arrive at their tables.

Have an open bar

One great way to make sure your guests are having fun is by offering an open bar at your reception hall or restaurant. People love drinking alcohol at parties (especially when they’re free), so getting this part right can help your guests relax more easily and get into the spirit of things!

We hope these tips will help you plan a wedding party on a budget. Remember that the most important thing is to keep your guest list small and make sure they are people who actually mean something to you. That way it won’t be too much work for them either!


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