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How To Spy On Your Competitors Ads Using Adplexity

by sushilsharma

The best way to be successful in the marketplace is by knowing what your competitors are doing. Knowing what they’re advertising, spending on ads and which channels they’re using can help you create better campaigns and ultimately make more money for your business.

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What Is Adplexity?

Adplexity is a tool that helps you spy on your competitors ads. You can see where their ads are running, what their ads say, and the keywords they are targeting. This information can be used to better understand how your competitors are doing and improve your own campaigns.

The information that adplexity provides is invaluable. It allows you to see what ads are running on which sites, and how much they cost per click. You can also get an idea of how much money your competitors have spent on their campaigns, which will help you plan your own strategy better. Adplexity is great for finding new advertisers or affiliates that may be interested in working with you.

Reasons To Spy On Your Competitors

  • See what your competitors are doing and learn from their mistakes.
  • Identify what works for them, and identify what doesn’t work for them.
  • Identify what works for you, and identify what doesn’t work for you.
  • Identify what can be done better in order to achieve better results with less effort

In order to achieve better results with less effort or money spent on advertisements that aren’t working as well as they could have been if used more effectively in the first place (i.e., when used correctly), you need to identify what your competitors are doing and learn from their mistakes.

Features Of Adplexity

AdPlexity has many features that allow you to spy on your competitors ads. One of the most useful features is their targeting tool. This allows you to see where other people’s ads are running, what keywords they are using and what their creatives look like.

The second feature worth mentioning is their keyword tracker. This allows users to see when certain keywords start showing up in their competitors’ ads (and thus getting more impressions and clicks). You can also see how often those keywords were used by your competitor in each ad group or campaign, which will help you narrow down which ones are working best for them so that you can replicate them with better results yourself!

The third feature worth mentioning is their mobile tracker. This allows you to see which ads are running on mobile devices and what keywords they are targeting with it.

How To Spy On Your Competitors Ads Using Adplexity

Step 1. Sign Up

  • Sign up for Adplexity
  • Create an account
  • Click the link in the email sent to you by Adplexity.
  • Click the link in the confirmation email sent to you by Adplexity. This will confirm your email address and password, and give you access to your account dashboard.
  • Create a username and password for your new Adplexity account, then click “Create” on the signup page (or hit enter).

Step 2. Navigate to the “Competitors” tab.

  • Navigate to the Adplexity website and click on the “Competitors” tab.
  • Enter your competitor’s name in the box provided, then hit “Search” at the bottom of the page
  • A list of keywords your competitor is targeting will be displayed in a table format on screen
  • Scroll through this list until you find an ad that is similar to yours, or one of your competitors’ ads that you want to replicate

Step 3. Choose your platform.

Before getting started, you’ll need to choose the platform that you want to spy on. For example, if you’re looking for Facebook Ads but are unsure of which ones are most effective and how they work, then we recommend choosing Facebook as your platform.

Choose wisely! The platform you choose will determine the type of ads that you see in your Adplexity account. You can switch between platforms at any time by clicking on the platform name in your Home Page menu bar.

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Step 4. Enter competitor keywords.

To spy on your competitors, you’ll need to enter their keywords into Adplexity. You can do this by entering a keyword or competitor’s domain name in the “Search for competitors’ ads” box. If you enter just a keyword and leave it at that, Adplexity will find ads for all products related to that keyword; if you enter a competitor’s domain name or product name, however, Adplexity will search only for ads from those specific domains or products.

To use this feature effectively, think about what kinds of keywords are used in your industry: maybe “coffee” is used when talking about gourmet coffee beans while “mocha” is used more often when discussing hot chocolate drinks made with powder mixes (the two might be similar but they’re still different). Then enter those terms as separate entries so that they can be sorted out later by using our filtering tools.

Step 5. Select the Product Type.

Product Type. Here, you’ll be able to select the type of product that you want to spy on. This is important because it will determine what ads are shown on Adplexity and how they’re presented in your dashboard. For example, if you select “Toys” as your product type (and if ToySmart has an ad campaign running), then every other toy company’s ad campaigns will also show up in your dashboard.

You don’t want this! So make sure that the product type that you choose is relevant to your business. If a competitor’s advertising budget is $5 million per month and their products cater exclusively towards millennials, their ads might not be relevant for a company like yours—but if those same competitors were advertising clothes or shoes instead of toys or video games, then it might make sense for them to show up in your Adplexity dashboard anyway.

Step 6. Click “Search” to find ads.

To search for ads, click “Search” and enter your query. You can search by keyword, platform and product type (e.g., Mobile App), or a combination of these. When you search for keywords,

Adplexity will return ads that contain those keywords in their ad copy or landing page. The results are organized by cost per click (CPC). If you click on an ad in the list, you’ll see information about the ad such as impressions, clicks and cost per click (CPC). You can also see the full text of each ad’s copy if it has been published publicly.

You will see a list of ads to select from, and you can click on the ad to see where other people’s ads are running. Once you have selected an ad, you can then choose the location where it’s running; for example: United States (specific cities) or UK (specific cities).

Finally, once you have selected all the options above, you can click Show Ads for that particular keyword or phrase.


Now that you know how to spy on your competitors ads using adplexity, it’s time for you to put this knowledge into action. Use this tool to find out what keywords are driving the most conversions and focus your efforts on those terms!

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