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How to spend less time on your makeup routine

Useful guidelines on how to shorten your makeup time

by GraceWilson
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Most of the time you’ll enjoy your makeup routine because it’s something you want and it helps you get into that boss babe personality. Makeup is a fun way to express your personality, and emotions for the day because if you wear that fiery red lipstick it only means that you feel invincible. But, there will be times when you simply don’t have enough time to do your full makeup or you just won’t feel like it. Since this is totally normal, sometimes you’ll want to go all in, whereas there will be times when you’re willing to spend only 5 minutes on your makeup. So, if you want to learn how to spend less time on your makeup routine, it’s time to master the following steps.


Sleep well

You probably wouldn’t have guessed that the first piece of advice would be to sleep well, but it is. If you want to spend less time on your makeup routine, you should sleep better. Sleep is the key to radiant skin, thus easier makeup application. Poor sleep or sleep deprivation negatively affects your complexion, so think about your sleep schedule.


Hydrate your body

Drink your water if you want to have a radiant complexion. Not only that, but you should also limit sugary drinks, alcohol, and smoking, which all affect the quality of our skin. When you hydrate your body from the outside, it can have a positive impact on your skin that is outside. Hydration is needed to ensure that your body functions properly because your cells basically use water to create energy.


Nurture your skin

Next, give your skin some TLC with adequate skin care. Consider this as one of many acts of self-care that fill your life with energy. Regular peelings, hydration in form of morning and evening skincare, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, sheet masks and daily SPF will nurture your skin. Nurtured skin is only mad better with makeup, not the other way around. Don’t forget to cleanse your skin properly, both in the morning and in the evening if you want your skincare to work.


Prepare the canvas for makeup application

All the steps we’ve mentioned above prepare your canvas, i.e. your face for makeup application. If you don’t sleep well, drink enough water and limit all other unhealthy drinks, and fail to maintain regular skincare, your canvas won’t be ready for makeup.

A poor complexion can be caused by other factors, but, if we can take control of the things we can control (sleep, water, skincare) we’ll be a step closer to a better and healthier complexion.


Rely on a few tricks

When it comes to spending less time on your makeup routine, it also means that you have a few tricks up your sleeve. For example, if you regularly get lash extensions, you’ll cut your makeup routine in half. Beautiful lashes will accentuate your eyes, so you won’t have to use additional makeup to further enhance them.

With eyelash extensions, you can reduce your makeup to just a dab of concealer in the right places, a bit of bronzer, a touch of blush and either a bit of lipgloss or long-lasting matte lipstick, and you’re good to go. You won’t even have to use mascara and worry if it’s crumpling down your face or leaving traces under your eyes.  So, add these beauty tricks to your routine and you’ll always look like you woke up like this.


Master your signature makeup look

You should master at least one makeup look that best enhances your features. Makeup is not about making us unrecognisable, because, let’s face it, we can’t have makeup on at all times. On the contrary, when makeup is used to enhance and conceal things that we don’t like about ourselves, it boosts our confidence and we feel great. With this in mind, master at least one makeup look that can be your signature makeup look.

You can easily build this look to go from day to makeup look with a few makeup brush strokes or a change in makeup products. But, this has to be something you can recreate confidently and it requires a minimum amount of time. These things are mastered with repetition, so it might take a while for your to master one makeup look. You can also cut some time by signing up for a makeup class where you’ll master your signature makeup look with a professional.


Quality products over quantity

The key to a simplified and efficient makeup routine is to use the right makeup products. This means that your makeup collection should be built on quality products that won’t run down easily. However, if you want to ensure your makeup stays in place, you need to ensure the canvas is ready and to layer products in the right way.

How can you know which products are right for you? Test them. Once you find a concealer that is the perfect shade for your complexion, it doesn’t crease, stick to it. When it comes to a foundation, always mix 2 shades to achieve a perfect one. Always have one eyeshadow palette that is well pigmented, can be easily upgraded for a nighttime look and doesn’t wear off easily. Also, use a makeup primer, eyeshadow primer and a setting spray to ensure your makeup stays on, even if it takes just ten minutes to put it all on.


Keep your everyday products in one bag

Now, the reason people lose time on makeup is that they search for products all over their apartments. Since you’ve mastered that one makeup looks, you’ll know which products you’ll need. You’ll know which products and in what order to use to spend less time doing makeup every day. Keep these products in a separate makeup bag to keep them within reach. This saves you a lot of time and you won’t have to think about using different products.


In conclusion – practice

The key to spending less time on makeup is to implement the right skincare, use the right makeup products, rely on a few beauty tricks and practice. Once you master your makeup routine, you’ll spend less time on makeup.



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