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How to service RO at home -RO Service in Bareilly

How to service RO

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how to service ro at home-One Point Services

Water is one of the most crucial components for sustaining life. But many people, especially those living in urban cities like Bareilly, at times face difficulty accessing clean water. It is due to increasing pollution and contamination of water sources due to varied reasons. Therefore, using a RO becomes essential; as it safeguards you and your family from the spectrum of water-borne diseases by filtering out all of the potentially fatal toxins. But just like any other home appliance, a RO also needs frequent service to ensure its better health, functionality and reduce unnecessary wear and tear. Many waterborne infections are dangerous to people’s health, and they may be avoided with regular servicing. Here we will be describing how you can keep your RO optimised by RO service at home.


Basic steps  for RO Service at home are as follow:


  1. Drain pre-deposited water
  2. Turn off your RO by cutting down its electric supply.
  3. Remove the pre-filter as well as the reverse osmosis membrane from the system. However, to open its casing, you might need a wrench.
  4. Prepare a solution by mixing 2-3 tablespoons of bleach in lukewarm water.
  5. Scrub both sides of the paper layer with the help of a brush
  6. Remove any build-up by pouring your cleaning solution directly into the pre-filter housing.
  7. After cleaning and rinsing everything, you can reassemble and restart your system, however, there may be some additional self-service guidelines in your RO’s user manual as every model has some variations.

Note: RO filter needs to be replaced every 3-12 months, however, it may vary depending upon the type and model. If you do not replace the filters regularly, the impurities that have accumulated on the filter surface may be transferred to the purified water, resulting in a variety of diseases. You can either do it by yourself or call an expert RO Repair in Bareilly.


Why is calling a professional RO service beneficial?

There are several benefits of calling a professional RO service. Some of them are listed below:


  • Avoid unwanted damagesAn RO consists of various spare parts. Not being an expert you may damage any of them unknowingly therefore it is recommended to take professional assistance.


  • Saves time: By calling a professional service for your RO, you may save your weekends and finish a board of chess or a carom round by the time a technician serves your purifier. 


  • Early problem detections: Experts are habitual with appliances therefore it’s easier for them to detect the slightest issues at hand and resolve the same before it turns big.


  • Complete satisfaction: Right professionals like one point services always do their work with honesty and accuracy eliminating any room for errors. Moreover, they provide service ensuring your complete satisfaction.


Who Provides The Most Reliable/ Best RO Service near me?

When it comes to calling a Professional RO Service in Bareilly, trust none other than One Point Services. Here you get complete solutions for RO services along with a 15 days service warranty. Furthermore, we have highly skilled and fully equipped technicians who are always ready to serve you at your desired place and time. Moreover, we utilise only the top spare parts brands for replacing RO components. So, if you think your RO service is overdue, submit a service request with One point services and experience the best ever RO Service in Bareilly. For the better convenience of our customers, we provide multiple booking options; you can schedule it via making a call on 8400900581, visiting our official website www.onepointservices.co.in or even by downloading our One point services mobile app from google play store. So we hope you got all your queries answered in this article, but in case you still want more information regarding RO services, instead of googling “Best RO service near me’ google ‘One point services.” We are always ready to serve the people of Bareilly with Best RO Service in bareilly



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