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How to Request a Tinder Refund in Under Two Minutes

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Tinder is an online dating application that singles are using to find a companion. Tinder matches users who have liked one another’s profile and is utilized by millions of people around the globe looking for the perfect partner.

Although it is a popular social network, Tinder’s lack of refund policy leaves many users unsatisfied as they are difficult to obtain their refund. This is the point at which Tinder Refund comes in. By using our services we can help you apply for the Tinder refund without worrying about unclear refund policies.

There are many Tinder users who have paid for Tinder services only to regret the purchase and want their refund. We’re here for you. With Tinder Refund Policy, you can request an Tinder refund with no sweat. All you need is an PC or iPhone. For a refund request:

  1. Go to Dating within your internet browser.
  2. Click on Chargeback Instantly
  3. Please provide your full name.
  4. Enter your bank details
  5. Let Dating provide an email address for you.

If you require more information, Dating can do the following:

  1. Make a chargeback request to the bank
  2. Send us the demand/dispute form along with the necessary VISA or Mastercard codes. You are able to request a refund from the company.
  3. DNP can also send the exact letter on your behalf should you choose to do so in the application

What Is the Tinder Refund Policy?

All purchases made using the app are not refundable and there aren’t any refunds for services that are not used. Tinder declares that there are certain exceptions to requesting the refund of the purchase of a Tinder subscription. A request for a refund is required to be made within 14 days from the date of the transaction.

A large number of users are not satisfied with Tinder’s policy on refunds since it doesn’t apply the same for everyone. One user on Reddit particularly, said that he had purchased the Tinder subscription and was unable to get his money back after having regretted buying the service.

The way you did the payment, you are able to request a refund on your own. There are three ways that you can apply for a refund on your own:

  • On your iPhone
  • On your Android device
  • Online

How to Request a Tinder Refund on an iPhone

If you purchased the Tinder subscription through the Apple store, or if your order number starts with MK to request a refund you’ll need to:

  1. Open Tinder app on your iPhone
  2. Choose the person icon located in the upper left corner.
  3. Log in
  4. Click Purchase History
  5. Choose your Tinder subscription
  6. Click on Report a Problem
  7. Give a reason why you want the refund.
  8. Submit the issue report

It’s a complex processand you must to ask for a refund no later than 72 hours after purchase, or else it could be that you are not qualified to receive the refund. Dating provides an easier solution to this issue.

How to Apply for a Tinder Refund on Android

An purchase made with an Android phone is refunded If you:

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Log into your account
  3. Click on Order History
  4. Select Tinder subscription
  5. Click on Report a Problem
  6. Choose the option to refund
  7. Give a reason for the request for the refund.
  8. Send the report

How to Request a Tinder Refund Online

If you’ve made a transaction through the Tinder site, you may request a refund using:

  1. Go to Tinder on your web browser
  2. Clicking on Troubleshooting
  3. Selecting Requesting a Refund
  4. The option of requesting an online refund
  5. Selecting Help with Payment or Billing in the menu dropdown
  6. Selecting I Want to Request a Refund
  7. Selecting web as your choice of platform in the drop-down menu
  8. Input your email address
  9. The order number should be provided.
  10. Recording other reasons to request a refund
  11. Clicking Submit

It is evident that working using match.com refund will help you make your request for refunds much more simple. In just two minutes, we will handle this problem for you. Go to Dating you require additional details about cancellation of your Tinder membership.

Do you want us to handle the other memberships you have? Are you paying to subscribe or membership you don’t need? Dating lets you cancel any subscription. Dating You can unsubscribe from any subscription you wish to cancel.

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