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How to Remove Duplicate Items in Outlook

by AlbertTaylor
Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Are you facing any problems while working on your Outlook Profile? You might be dealing with duplicate emails in your Outlook. This does not seem to be a major problem in the initial days but can pose a big challenge in the future. So to remove Outlook duplicate emails, there are lots of methods that the user can look into.

This problem mainly occurs if the user looks to import the emails into the Outlook account and the duplicate deletion option is turned off. After completing the import process, it will become a tedious job to remove duplicate items. To help you overcome this problem, we will update you about the manual and quick method in this write-up.

What are the main causes of Duplicate Items in Outlook?

MS Outlook is an email client which has one of the highest customers. Both individual and corporate user uses it to manage their email communication. However, there are instances when the user starts feeling the difference in the working of Outlook. To take this conversation ahead, we will be listing some of the situations you might be facing while working in your Outlook.

Wrong Set up of Outlook Rules

Whenever Outlook is configured with the incorrect rule will create a big issue. The correct Outlook rules allow users to filter the upcoming emails, which would help to remove Outlook duplicate emails.

More than One Account

Configuration of one account in multiple systems can create problems in data synchronization. It will automatically lead to the rise of duplicate emails in the Outlook account.

Fewer Intervals in Sending/Receiving Emails

If the account has been set up to low frequency, then the problem of email duplicity will occur because the data will not get properly synchronized between the mailbox data and emails.

Due to Anti-Virus Software 

The system with Outlook on it also has the third-party anti-virus tool then, which creates problems in working on Outlook. It will cause an issue in Outlook Sending/Receiving Request, which ultimately leads to making synchronization problem.

Whatever will be the reason behind creating a duplicate item of a single email will make a big issue behind the working of the Outlook. So now we will take the next step, which will take you through the manual method and the third-party Outlook Duplicate remover tool to fix the issue of multiple copies of a single email in the Outlook account. But first, we will explore some available manual methods to fix the problem.

Methods to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 

Before initiating the procedure to eliminate the duplicity in Outlook, the user should understand what causes in their account to lead to duplicate emails. To remove duplicate emails from Outlook, we have explained some of the manual methods that will help you tackle this issue efficiently to some extent.

Procedure #:1

Fix Outlook Rule Issue

Firstly, the user needs to make sure that the Outlook rule has been correctly set or not. If not, then try to set it correctly to fix the issue of bad synchronization.

Procedure #: 2

Set the Inbox update Frequency

  • Open the MS Outlook account, and then pick Send/Receive group to move forward.
  • Now kindly select the Send/ Receive Groups.
  • After that, the user can set the ‘Schedule an automatic send/receive every’ to around 5 and 30 mins.


Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Procedure #: 3

Initiate the Inbox Clean up 

Outlook comes with the free inbuilt utility to clean up the duplicate emails from the user account. To know about the complete process, check out the below-described steps.

  • The first step is to open the Outlook account in the system.
  • After that, you will be required to select the particular inbox folder where there is duplicity of emails.
  • Then click on the Clean Up option. The list of three options will pop up where proceed with selecting any one.
  • In the end, the user requires to make the right click on the Deleted folder and choose the Empty folder option to remove all duplicate emails.

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Limitations of Manual Process to Eliminate the Duplicate Item from Outlook

The above-discussed method only helps fix the issue of duplicate emails when the user has a small size PST file where there are a limited number of emails. But when the user tries to remove duplicate emails from the large PST, it will create a problem.

Clean Up tool, which can delete duplicate items from Outlook, can sometimes show certain errors in-between the process of removing files. Overall, the all manual process comes with the limitations that only a third-party Outlook duplicate remover can overcome.

Elimination of Outlook Emails Duplicity through Professional Route

Apart from the traditional method, several third-party software is available for removing Outlook duplicates. One such solution is Shoviv Outlook Duplicate Remover software which comes with an intuitive user interface to make the process easier for non-technical users.

This utility works efficiently while removing duplicate emails. It comes with a best-customized feature to remove duplicate emails within as well as across the folder. The tool works with both UNICODE and ANSI PST files. Users can utilize its advanced function, which would help remove duplicate data from emails, attachments, calendars, etc., from the PST file of any Outlook version. This solution also comes with a free demo version. Using it, users can remove the duplicity from the first 50 items per folder.

Wrap Up

Duplicate emails in Outlook accounts are major challenges that any user can face. So this technical write-up addresses some issues that users might face at any point in time while working with Outlook. We have described the manual and the third-party software to remove duplicate email items from Outlook. It is very difficult to apply the manual method, especially for novice user, so using the professional solution will save you time while removing duplicity from Outlook.

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