Summer brings with it a myriad of skin problems One of the more frequent one is thigh chafing.

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Summer brings with it a myriad of skin problems One of the more frequent one is thigh chafing. Since we sweat more in humid weather the legs rub against one another that can cause irritation and redness. So, dealing with the issue of chafing in the thigh is essential when it comes to taking care of your skin. Here are some tips to help you avoid and resolve the issue of thigh chapping…

Use it as a lubricant that is soothing.

Thigh chafing may cause significant irritation to the skin. This is the reason why applying something cool by way of oil can be very beneficial. This will ensure that your legs do not slide past one another every time. We recommend applying this moisturizer –  Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Body Lotion . It’s a soothing lotion that keeps your body moisturized and doesn’t feel sticky on your skin.

Dress in weather-appropriate clothes

Dresses and skirts that are worn with skirts and dresses may make it more difficult for thighs to chafe. Even if you wear them, ensure that you put on a pair of cycling shorts in order to lessen the friction. Also, if you’re training, pick clothes that are moisture-wicking.

Apply an overnight treatment

For soothing summer chapping and rashes on the thighs, there is nothing as well as Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Aid your skin in healing by placing a protective layer of the jelly to your thighs prior to going to bed , allowing you to recover your skin over night.

Wear anti-chafing gear

Bandelettes can be extremely helpful in stopping thigh chafing. They’re lace bands which prevent the thighs of your legs from contact with with each other. Be sure to wear these under dresses or skirts to avoid your thighs free of chafing.

Pick a gentle body wash

If you’re experiencing thigh chafing you could also be suffering from sensitive skin and redness. This is the reason you have to cleanse your thighs using mild cleanser, but not too rough on your skin. Use body washes designed for people with sensitive skin.


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