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How to Plan a Fall Festival for a Church?

by louisemarsh
Fall Festival

The churches across the conference have fall festival ideas for how they can better utilize this outreach tool. To reach out to the change in the global community.

The fall season is a great time church congregations to invite visitors onto the campus. And typically providing the opportunity to provide an “entry ramp” for families who want an active program for their children. It’s an excellent chance to establish relationships with people who not affiliated with a particular church. Rev. Bob Farr, coauthor of Get Their Name, explains the importance of keeping track of and focusing on names. As a starting point towards building relationships that may lead to positive changes for everyone. Contact information for hundreds of guests could be achieved by a prize draw or another methods of registration.

Fall Festival Strategies

The following denominational groups from across the Conference are sharing plans. And strategies for the coming fall season with the hopes of receiving new ideas and ideas from one another.

Here are some alternatives to add something new in your fall festival party.

Power of the pumpkin

If you reuse the slingshot of a water balloon or create driving ranges, tiny air-borne pumpkins are sure to be a huge draw. If you’re looking to have a clean pumpkin decoration activity, go for bling and stickers instead of seeds, knives, and goo. Pumpkins that are not cut will typically remain outside for between 8 and 12 weeks.

Help children earn Bible bucks

Give out tickets at your events. They exchanged to purchase Bibles, books and other items for outreach along with prizes that you can earn in future events for children in the church. Think about incorporating Bible money into your child’s program to encourage continued attendance and participation.

Rents are cheaper

Churches may want to consider saving money by purchasing concession machines rather than renting them year after year because most of them will be paid for in the second time around. This will also allow you to make concessions available at other events.

Mission Station

The church is a place where mission changes the face of our world. Participating in the mission is a powerful idea. Create a booth at your event for volunteers to make bags and sort canned goods, or similar. Set all the equipment out with a volunteer in the area, giving directions. You could create a competition.

What would happen if you took your fall celebration out on the road? Numerous school have (or would wish to have) the option of a day or occasion that features hot dogs, cotton candy and face painting like the one you typically organize on your church’s park area. Think about working in conjunction with the PTA at your local school, and leverage the resources of your volunteers to host the complete event from beginning to finish. And make sure that all proceeds go towards the school.


Do we not all love the fall season? Cooler temperatures, pumpkins, campfires, candy and autumn festivals. Fall festivals are a great chance for churches to connect with their community. A lot of churches host families and friends from neighborhood schools, apartment complexes and communities to come and enjoy food, games, and fun.

However, the most important thing is an opportunity for sharing the gospel and connecting with others. I’ve seen a lot of imaginative ideas over the years as churches try to build relationships with their communities in the hope of sharing Christ joy with the people they meet. This year’s fall festivals for churches will be different, but there will be excitement when planning the event with new and innovative fall festival ideas for church.

The purpose of the Fall festival is to create connections with families within your church and in your community. Once relationships are established, you’ll have the opportunity to preach the gospel and draw people to a personal connection with Christ. Whichever way you decide to conduct your event ensure that the focus will be upon Jesus and His unconditional love for all. The current time of ministry might appear different, but different is not always bad. In some cases, it’s even better!



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