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How To Manage Pests Coming Into Your Home From The Garden

Manage pests coming into your home

by AnicaOaks

When you plant a garden at your home, you certainly look forward to the many great vegetables you will grow and eat. Unfortunately, your garden will also attract a variety of pests, including ants, flies, mice, and other pesky pests that will want to make your home theirs as well. Once pests invade your home, you may think the battle is lost. Yet with a little ingenuity and determination, here’s how to manage pests coming into your home. 

Seal Cracks and Holes

When ants and other pests start coming into your home from the garden, look around the outside of your home at the walls and other areas. More than likely, you will notice a few cracks and holes that are making it much too easy for pests to come inside. If you do, seal these cracks and holes with caulking.

Reduce Clutter

Around your house and yard, it can become easy to let various things set around and accumulate. This can include lawn care supplies and equipment, outdoor furniture, and much more. When clutter is present in and around your yard, pests will consider this to be an open invitation to head toward the clutter and eventually into your home. Once you get rid of the clutter, 

Hire a Professional

Hiring a pest control professional, such as those at the Bug Doctor Pest Control, is usually the best option when it comes to getting rid of pests. Pest control professionals have the experience and knowledge to get rid of pests quickly and effectively. They also have access to stronger pesticides that are not available to the general public. 

Remove Sources of Food and Water

If you have pet food outside on your porch or deck, it is almost certain to attract rodents and lots of insects. Once they realize the food and water source is not going anywhere anytime soon, they will stay near it for longer periods of time. Before you know it, the pests will satisfy their hunger and thirst, then decide to satisfy their curiosity by coming into your home.

Keep Garbage In Closed Containers

Finally, all types of pests love garbage. When you put your garbage outside, always make sure you keep it in garbage cans that are secured with lids that fit very tightly. If you don’t, it’s a sure thing that ants, mice, and perhaps squirrels and raccoons will find their way into the garbage. Once they finish their scavenger hunt in your trash, they will look around for easy ways to enter your home, where they can wreak even more havoc.

Once you begin to notice pests from your garden are trying to enter your home, taking some time to implement the steps mentioned here can make a big difference. As you remove food and water, clear the clutter, and seal the holes, it’ll be easier to manage pests coming into your home.

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