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How to make your bathroom feel more luxe

by alison.p

Do you know how we all enjoy a relaxing day at a spa? Have you ever thought about why is that so? Besides the calming effects of the water on our body and soul, other things bring us to a much-needed zen state. Namely, the appearance, arrangement and amazing home improvement techniques within the spa facilitate these soothing feelings. And the best thing is that you can achieve the same or similar effect in your bathroom without spending big bucks. The key is in detail. Keep reading to learn more about how to make your bathroom feel more luxe.


As the lighting plays a key role in setting the mood, you should start with that. It needs to be optimal. Moreover, your bathroom fixtures and furniture probably need an upgrade, so consider what you can do. The secret to a lux bathroom lies in calming scents – you probably noticed how you feel relaxed when a bathroom smells a certain soothing scent. Additionally, you should splurge on towels and bath robes and get the softest ones. As a final touch, you could incorporate artwork, some greenery and soft textures into your bathroom. You can easily give your bathroom a remodel with these simple and practical tips and tricks.


Mind the lighting in the bathroom

As we already briefly mentioned, lighting is the key to setting the mood in any room. The same is true for the bathroom. If you think about it, spas always have soft lighting as it is easy on your eyes thus, it soothes you. You can install a dimmer to capture this kind of soothing ambience in your bathroom. When you wish to create a more serene atmosphere, you can easily do that by dimming the lights. Another bathroom decorating tip states to include a few candles in your bathroom. They add a soft glow and spread a nice scent. On the other hand, when it comes to your vanity, the light should be strong enough – many people prefer LED lights in different forms. If you have plenty of natural light present, even better!

Upgrade bathroom fixtures and upscale bathroom furniture

When you take a closer look at the bathroom fixtures, are they shiny and rust-free? If not, it’s high time you upgraded them. Start with the showerhead. You can get a new one that has massage features. That is an awesome upgrade that doesn’t cost a fortune. Assess the state of other bathroom fixtures and decide which ones qualify for new ones. Moreover, you should employ the same strategy with bathroom furniture. If some furniture pieces look outdated and old, consider swapping them for new pieces. They will freshen up your bathroom for sure. When adding new furniture pieces, opt for those that aid your health and hygiene. You can consider installing a bidet, for instance.

Add scents to your bathroom

To have your bathroom always smell nice, you should consider adding various types of scents. You should pamper your bathroom with quality scents and soaps, as only they can give you that lux smelling vibe. Start with lavish hand soap, candles, or a high-end reed diffuser. You can also add some fresh flowers for an even better smell. You won’t make a mistake with these different forms of scents. The more you have, the better! What’s more, you can even add a few drops of essential oils in water when you’re taking a bath or in your shampoo. As you probably already know, lavender is great for relaxation, while rosemary aids hair growth. You can learn more about essential oils online.

Splurge on the softest towels 

One major characteristic of a spa is the fluffiest and softest towels and bathrobes. It’s like an obligatory spa trademark. So, to bring that spa experience closer to you, you should consider splurging on the softest towels as well as bath robes. A little thing such as this one can soothe you and make you feel as if you were at a spa. Consider it as an investment in your mental and spiritual health.

Incorporate artwork, greenery and soft textures

Some final touches include incorporating some exceptional artwork, fresh greenery as well as soft textures. Even though they are details, they are what make a toilet look and feel luxurious. Artwork can make a bathroom feel more personal, while greenery not only brings nature closer to us but also purifies the air. Certain plants thrive in humid environments, such as bathrooms. Some plants can even cool the air in the hot summer months. You can also consider adding some soft textures. You can do that in different ways. For instance, you can hang some sheer curtains, place a plush mat and arrange some decorative towels here and there.


You can do wonders with just a little bit of your time, effort and money. The important thing to remember is to keep things clean and organized – that is half the work done.


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