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How to Import EML files to Outlook PST

by AlbertTaylor

EML file is a file format that enables saving only a single message, including the complete content of an email, hyperlinks, attachments, and much more. While Outlook is one of the email clients, it makes easier for users to share emails, calendars, journals, contacts, etc.

On the other hand, email clients like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc., utilize the EML file format to save their data. If you need to access all these email client data into Outlook, you need to import EML files to Outlook with the help of a better migration technique. Various reasons necessitate migration as Outlook is highly used by professionals across the globe in different industries.

Now, we will start looking at some of the reliable methods to make the migration process successful.

Free & Conventional Method to Import EML files to Outlook PST

Generally, there are two methods to perform the import process. Firstly we will make use of Microsoft Outlook. The second will require Windows Live Mail which we will discuss after the first method. Alternatively, you can use Outlook Express to import files, but we will not advise you as it is quite old and Microsoft has already stopped it.

Solution#1: Using MS Outlook 

  • Firstly, you need to open the location where the EML file is saved.
  • Now right, click on the EML file which you need to import.

Using MS Outlook

  • After that, select the open with option and further choose MS Outlook to open the .eml.


  • Go to the Move option to expand and check more options. Select the folder in which you want to import the file.


Solution#2: Using Windows Live Mail

  • Need to launch Windows Live Mail as well as Microsoft Outlook simultaneously.
  • In the WLM, you need to click on the File tab >>Export Email >> Email Messages.


  • Then you need to pick Microsoft Exchange from the Windows Live Mail Export option and click on Next to continue.


  • A new pop up message will display. Select ok to move forward.


  • Now, you can select the particular folder which you need to export.

  • Select the ok button to start the import process. Once it gets done, the process completion message will display.

The above process has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. In this write-up, we will also explore alternative methods, i.e., EML to PST converter, which is one of the efficient ways to import EML files. But moving with the professional solution, check out some of the disadvantages of the manual import approach.

Common Limitations of the Manual Approach to Import EML into PST

If we talk about any migration, the user is usually attracted towards utilizing the free method to move files. The manual method does not cost a single dollar, but a single mistake can lead to a significant operational loss. Let’s explore some of the disadvantages to import EML files to Outlook using the manual import technique.

  • It is not advisable to approach the manual methods if you have lots of EML files to import. These methods will be capable of only importing a small number of files.
  • This method does not guarantee that there will be no loss during the import procedure. Along with it, it is not sure that the resultant data will have the same integrity as before the import.
  • Non-technical users will find some problems while controlling the process and it consumes much more time than the third-party solution.

Trustworthy Solution to Import EML into Microsoft Outlook

We have discussed the free methods to execute the import process while utilizing the conventional migration style. However, we have also learned about their limitations. When a large scale organization decides to import EML files to Outlook, it becomes tough to use the manual method. These methods are not sufficient for making import of multiple EML files.

However, some better and more reliable solution is also available which can make the work done quickly. One of them is using a third-party solution like the Shoviv EML to PST converter, which is an efficient tool to handle large scale migration of EML files. This software also promises not to make changes in data integrity.

The software works well within any Windows operating system. It also offers the free demo version, which the user can implement and try importing the first 50 files per folder from EML to PST.

Summing Up

It is essential to select the right approach to migrate the data from one email client to another. We have covered the free and professional solution to import EML files to Outlook in this article. The manual method requires technical skills and possesses various limitations. Alternatively, an error-free solution makes the work easier. So, it’s your call which route to follow to achieve the desired results.

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