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How to fix common Mobile phone and Tablet issues?

Simple Tips and Tricks to fix your mobile phone issue’s

by Altommobil

Mobile Phones run very slow?

On most phones, the first thing you can do is to Restart the phone. Press your phone’s button for about 30 seconds, or until your phone restarts, or on the screen, you might need to tap Restart. You can check your phone’s software update if it’s on the latest Android/IOS software update. 

You might also check the phone’s storage, and try to free up some space on your phone when it’s running low on storage. Your phone can start having issues when the storage is mostly less than 10%.

Mobile phone’s poor battery life

Wrong charger, power adapter, or cable, these things may affect or damage the voltage input that your battery can receive. That’s why it’s still suggested to use the original manufactured by the phone company itself. Too many push notifications are being sent to your phone. Alerts and Notifications can be one of the causes that your phone battery can be easily drained

Mobile phones keep crashing

When your device gets too hot it might result in Overheating. It shuts down to prevent damage. You can tell it’s happening when your phone becomes warm to the touch or displays a message letting you know it’s hot. To prevent it from happening keep it out of direct sunlight, close unused apps, avoid turning your screen brightness up, turn on airplane mode or take the case off. 

 If your Android or iPhone apps keep crashing, you need to identify the problematic one and fix it, which may prevent future issues. If you have an app that stops responding or closes unexpectedly try to uninstall it and monitor your phones if it will crash again. 

Tablet screen not responding  

Mostly of Tablet devices it’s common issue was the screen is not responding. First thing you need to do is to restart your tablet and check if it works. If restart did not fix the problem, try to free up some Ram availability in your Tablet. You may clear the app cache or use some third party app to do the work for you. Try to swipe or close a running application that is not in use. The last resort is to call a technician and let them check and fix your tablet. 

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