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How to Find a Merchant with an ID Number

Find a Merchant with an ID Number

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How to Find a Merchant with an ID Number

In the credit card processing industry, merchant ID numbers are used to move money through banks and back to businesses that accept credit cards. As a result, the ID numbers are what a bank account number is in the world of business, and as such, they are not public records that can be searched through a publicly accessible outlet.  Here you will read about how to find a merchant with an ID number and if you want to know more about QuickBooks features like how to fix QuickBooks error PS060 and how to integrate with QuickBooks commerce then click on these links.

When only an ID number is provided, a large company with numerous merchant account IDs may use internal tools or invoices to identify a subordinate unit by name. The process for locating the merchant ID for your company will vary depending on a number of variables.

Credit Card Processing

Due to the simplicity of entry and lack of initial account setup fees, smaller businesses typically rely on payment processing through a money transfer system like PayPal, Square, or Google Pay. There are some of these services offer an internal merchant account ID and others that do not. Both PayPal and Google Pay offer a unique account number known as a Merchant ID. Merchants do not receive a unique ID from Square. Instead, the business account’s assigned email address serves as the system’s means of identifying it.

You must log into PayPal, select “Profile” from the menu at the top of your home screen, then “My Business Info” to find your secure merchant ID. Next to the “Merchant Account ID” section, a specific merchant ID is displayed. When creating HTML PayPal buttons for a business website, this code can be used.

After logging into your business payment profile, select the “Settings” menu to view your Google Pay merchant ID. Look under the “Public merchant profile” heading by clicking “Settings.” Your business’s information is displayed here above your merchant ID.

Merchant Account Hierarchies 

The smaller business unit that is a part of a larger account and has a designated merchant identification number assigned by a bank is given a merchant account identification. A theme park with attractions, loading, and restaurants, for instance, might use a single merchant identification number while allocating a merchant account id to each revenue-generating unit to handle payments separately. Consult your registration documents with your bank if you receive a document that only uses an ID number to identify funds. To find the business unit that the account is assigned to, look for the ID number in your account information. 

Before attempting to contact the merchant services provider for the company, flag a superior if you are an employee of a business and come across a merchant ID number on company documents that you are unfamiliar with. Access to all account information will only be granted to a select group of employees due to the sensitive nature of merchant accounts.

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