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How to Check Bike Insurance Online

Bike Insurance Onlne

by Square Insurance
How to Check Bike Insurance Online

Bikes are the most convenient and cost-effective mode of transport available in India. To legally travel on public roads in India, valid insurance is necessary for a person. Without insurance, you cannot drive a bike in India. Once insurance is issued, it must be renewed accordingly. In case of a non-renewal, you might be subject to the penalties under Indian laws. This means it is essential to check the status of bike insurance online, and a person must be updated now and then about the quality of the same. In this article, four fundamental ways to check bike insurance with numbers are elaborated with simple steps.


Some of the ways to check the two-wheeler insurance status  are as under:

How to check bike insurance with Insurance Information Bureau: 

The Insurance Information Bureau, also known as the IIB, is a regulatory body to issue insurance and manages the interface between customers and insurers. It was established under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2012, and was established by the IRDAI, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, in 2009. Following are the step that needs to follow to check bike insurance online status:

Guide 1: GO to the official portal of the insurance information bureau, IIB, for the process.

Guide 2: Once the tab opens, click on the Quick Links tab on your home screen.

Guide 3: Look for the ‘V Seva’ tab on the screen.

Guide 4: A form, namely Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval Form, will pop up on the screen.

Guide 5: Fill out the particulars in the form, such as the name of the user, mobile number, email address, bike number, residential address of the user, etc. This is one of the best ways for bike insurance to check online by bike number. In case you are unable to check the details, you can also track the bike insurance with the vehicle’s engine and chassis number.

The IIB portal will display all the details to check the bike insurance online. But the components won’t be shown if the bike insurance has been bought before 1st April 2020.

Note: To check bike insurance online status, the portal of IIB can be accessed only three times by the user. In case you want to review a couple of more times, kindly check with a different phone number and email ID.

The more convenient way to check bike insurance online is the executive support of the IIB website. For availing of this facility, a person is required to fill out a query form on the portal. A call will be generated for a person filling out the form. Once the call is connected, convey it to the executive to check the buy bike insurance online status. The executive will ask for some particulars and then will share the details for the status of the bike insurance online status.

How to check the bike insurance status via Vahan?

Vahan is a portal managed and controlled by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. It is the portal that allows users to check their bike insurance status online with a click. Further, it provides the facilitation for the registration of the vehicle, permit, fitness certificate, challan insurance, etc. Following are the steps to check bike insurance online status:

STEP 1: Visit the official portal of the Vahan e-services for the commencement of the process. 

STEP 2: Log in on the portal. If an account is not registered, sign in with to particulars of the user. 

STEP 3: Fill in the phone number and email ID on the website. An OTP will come on your registered mobile number. Then register with the required OTP.

STEP 4: Once you are logged in, look for the Know your Vehicle tab on the top navigation menu. 

STEP 5: Click on the know your vehicle tab on the screen.

STEP 6: Fill out the bike number or the Vehicle registration number on the screen.

STEP 7: The portal will display all the required bike insurance status online. 

Note: For protection purposes, to check bike insurance online status, the information will be retrieved by the registered name of the bike owner. This step has been initiated only to avoid discrepancies (if any).

For the bike insurance, check online by bike number; you can avail the services of the Square insurance company. The information about checking the bike insurance status online will be available with a click at the comfort of your home.

How will the RTO or State Transport Department’s website provide the information?

The website of the district RTO can be visited for a smooth process. A user must visit the RTO office according to the district. Visit the state transport department’s website to check the two-wheeler online.  The insurance details can be availed By entering the bike’s number.

For availing of the services offline, you can visit the RTO office in person and get all the required details. You can give a call to the concerned RTO official for better communication and book an appointment for the same. 


Where all the methods seem impossible to work on, Square provides outstanding services for their customers to check bike insurance online without any hindrances. To get smooth benefits, take out your number, mail Id, and other credentials and start your journey with them. The process is straightforward to follow. It is time-efficient, easy, and an all-rounder for all your insurance-related issues. Thus, keeping track of the bike insurance will help a user from numerous problems. Once the expiry date is near, renew the bike insurance for smooth and hassle-free results.

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