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How To Avoid Microvascular Dysfunction

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Microvascular dysfunction is a type of coronary artery disease that hinders small blood vessels from reaching the heart. These blood vessels are the main source of nutrients for the heart muscles. This disease is known to affect women more than men. It is usually diagnosed in the form of chronic chest pain. The trouble is that it is usually undiagnosable meaning specialists cannot confirm the dysfunction which caused great frustration among those who suffer from it.

There are however ways where doctors can diagnose microvascular dysfunction much better. Thanks to modern medical advancements, they can detect the condition and provide patients with medication and guidance to give them relief from pain.

The best way to prevent microvascular dysfunction from getting worse is by altering your lifestyle choices. You must abandon consuming fatty foods and opt for healthy foods as an alternative. This may include vegetables and grains. You must discontinue smoking or taking nicotine. That will only exacerbate your condition. Apart from everyday dietary habits, the doctor will prescribe you medications and possibly some vitamin supplements that will lessen the pain and relieve your suffering.

The next lifestyle choice you need to adopt is regular exercise. Now if you are dealing with this condition, you will likely experience chest pains. But the fact of the matter is that exercise is still important regardless. You can hire a coach that will counsel you or you can adhere to a routine that you construct for yourself. The more you exercise, the more you will prevent your condition from getting worse. A professional physical exercise expert is the best option for you in this regard.

A primary factor that is often overlooked by experts is the influence of stress on the heart. Stress causes high blood pressure or hypertension that thickens the artery walls making it more difficult for oxygen to reach your heart. This will add to your chest pain. You need emotional counseling alongside physical supervision. Therapists can help you in this case. They can get to the crux of matter related to your stress. It can pertain to employment, relationships, etc. You just need external parties guiding you on how to resolve them and remove the stress it is causing in your life.

Your relationship with your doctor must remain consistent i.e., you should keep visiting him to update him on your progress and see if there are other alterations required for your dysfunction.

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