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How Smart Home Automation Can Improve Your Daily Life.

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In the present time, to give the family a comfortable lifestyle it has become essential for both the spouses to work to make both ends meet. To manage the housework efficiently, the dependency on household gadgets, house help and home automation has increased manifolds. Long work hours make home management a daunting task and if it is not systemised properly it leads to chaos. “Necessity is the mother of invention”, therefore more and more developers are creating products that can be controlled, tracked and manipulated with the help of smartphones connected to the internet. As smartphones are an integral part of our life, people prefer to keep two or more smartphones handy so that their professional and personal life can be managed separately through the two phones, with great efficiency. 

Buying a new smartphone requires a lot of money due to the exorbitant prices of the latest models. Mobi garage brings for you a galaxy of Refurbished Mobile Phone at affordable prices so that you can manage your home and offices efficiently and also save some hard-earned money. Browse our portal at www.mobigarage.com to visualize the trendy smartphones that you have always dreamt of possessing and that too at reasonable prices that will leave you astonished. Connect your smartphone via the internet to the security devices, different household appliances and utility tools and make your abode safer, convenient and enjoyable and make your residential life better than ever. Mentioned below are some home automation technologies that have improved the daily lifestyle of residents across the country.

Door Management

It happens with almost everyone, you walk out of home, slam the door shut and suddenly you realise that you have forgotten the door keys in the kitchen drawer! Now keys are an obsolete thing with a smart lock that pairs with a mobile app to lock or unlock your door from afar. Some smart lock systems like the August Lock System can also keep a record of whoever has visited your home; it has a camera built-in so that you can ascertain who is at the door without even having to get up from your recliner. Just a simple click on the button and your door is opened or securely closed from your seat of comfort. 

This is especially great if you have to let your house help in to do the chores at home while you are away, no worries about having the door keys copied as you have used the smart home technology to let someone in.

Enhances Safety and Security

One of the foremost areas in which home automation has gained importance is security. A modern security system connects your smartphone to your home’s Wi-Fi network, giving you access to your home from anywhere having an internet connection. Open the app and track your home’s security panel, perimeter lighting and camera footage.

Your home’s indoor lighting system can also be connected to your smartphone via smart home automation technology. You can befool the burglars who are on the prowl by having the power to turn on the lights when you are away from home, making it appear that you are present at home. The surveillance system sends you alerts as soon as a movement is detected by the camera in its vicinity. It is a boon for working mothers to check on their kids while tending to important office work.

Alert about Almost Everything-

Set your home up with home automation and you have very little to worry about as everything will be taken care of automatically, literally. You can live your life with greater peace of mind by setting up various simple alerts like-

  1. Alert for an open door; whether it is the front door, refrigerator door or the door to your safe.
  2. Variation in the required temperature setting of your home.
  3. Water leakage.
  4. Malfunctioning of the smoke detector.
  5. Lights are on.

Put sensors in all the vital parts of your home, and then set up all the alerts. Sensors are available that connect to the Wi-Fi of your abode and can be checked from anywhere else where you have internet service and you can rest assured about your precious home.

Web Surfing-

Smart home automation is dependent on the internet, so it can be utilised to peruse your favourite websites. As long as it is set up with the right technology you can use it throughout the home, for example asking voice assistant questions on the phone. This can be most appropriate while working in the kitchen where you can check that tricky recipe many times without using your soiled hands and making everything dirty, greasy and stained. 

Automation of Morning Routine–  

Remove some of your worries about being late in the morning as you are a late riser, by using smart automation in your home. You can programme the smart automation and set it to open the blinds, turn on the geyser and turn on music while your coffee maker starts to brew coffee before you even enter the kitchen. All this can be done simply by your smartphone.

 Technology seems to be getting better with every passing day. To run your home automation without a glitch, upgrade your old phone by buying an efficient Refurbished Apple Mobile through www.mobigarage.com and enjoy the luxury that technology offers to you. You can also contact our team at Mobi Garage if you have any queries regarding the latest available refurbished smartphones.  

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