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How Marvel is able to finally get “Fantastic Four” Right

by nishita
Fantastic four

After three disastrous Fantastic Four movies at Fox, Kevin Feige has confirmed the heroes will be coming to the MCU.

Marvel’s first family has finally made its way to its Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Phase 4 announcements took center stage on Marvel Studios’ Comic-Con panel on the weekend, Marvel president Kevin Feige did not hold back on some promising future plans including an upcoming Fantastic Four film. While Mr. Fantastic, as well as The Invisible Woman, the Thing, and the Human Torch, were squandered at 20th Century Fox and left with a bad name, Marvel Studios has an opportunity to show some respect for Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s creations, which ushered in the modern Marvel time period in the form we have it today in 1961. However, in a cinematic world and a film world where superheroes rule and rule for superhero name generators, The Fantastic Four can’t simply be treated as a group of costumed heroes from Earth. In order to allow the Fantastic Four to succeed in achieving its title, the film will have been a journey into the unknown in the literal sense.

One of the major elements that made The main reason for the success of Fantastic Four in comics was that they were the beginning of something, and the remainder of the Marvel Universe was built around the Fantastic Four. Timely Comics characters like Namor and Captain America were brought from the Golden Age into the Silver Age due to the popularity that was The Fantastic Four, and repercussions of the team’s early adventures can be seen even in the most recent editions of Comics published by Marvel.

However, it is true that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already established. The characters like Spider-Man Black Panther, the Skrulls, and The Kree, Ronan, and the Avengers that were set with The Fantastic Four in comics are well-established in the films. The question that is posed by the addition of Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm to the MCU is what they can include that’s not already in the MCU? Marvel Studios has done well in growing its film universe, allowing every independent franchise the chance to establish its own mythology and corner. Phase 4 will further enhance this aspect by offering movies that aren’t necessarily connected to bring us a new set of Avengers. The absence of an obvious theme that is focused on the Avengers allows for a brand new team to be prominent with a mission that is more than vengeance on the Earth.

Four of the Fantastic Four movies, The Fantastic Four (1994), Fantastic Four (2005), Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), Fan4stic (2015), all of them have not been able to go beyond Earth and consider them as much more than just superheroes. The 2015 film tried to do this in the final scene however, the backstage conflicts resulted in a film that feels like an assortment of unrelated concepts, all of which are not great on their own. The ever-popular phrase that’s associated with the latest big-budget movies, “grounded” couldn’t be more different from what the Fantastic Four are.  

There’s a reason Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s epic 102-issue series introduced so many fundamental concepts to Marvel’s Marvel Universe. They weren’t just NYC heroes, they were explorers, bridge-builders and bridge-builders between different worlds, travelers in the realms of science and the magical. Their fame and their brand sparked them to work without influence or supervision. They were not defined by genre, and they represented the best of comics. The MCU, although not well-anchored in general terms, occasionally chooses more grounded and grounded debuts. 

Thor (2011) Ant-Man (2015) and Captain Marvel (2019), are all a little more secure and protected than should be. Fantastic Four doesn’t need a grounded perspective in the MCU and it doesn’t require being confined to a single genre. Science fiction or fantasy, horror, a political thriller, comedy, western, and romance all of them have a role in the Fantastic Four story at one moment or in another. There have also been pirates, too. There’s no reason to avoid all of this.

There’s been a bit of discussion on the internet regarding the specific method by which the Fantastic Four might be introduced to the MCU Many have suggested that they could time travel from the 1960s to the present. However, we’ve seen the time-travel story in a variety of ways, beginning in the form of Captain America, then Captain America, then with Captain Marvel, and now with all those characters displaced by the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

 The team-out-of-time concept seems to be too common and safe to be a part of the Fantastic Four. The same is true of Peyton Reed’s pitch for his 2002 film which social media has come back to and has shifted towards. The film was created in the 1960s, and would have taken an A Hard Day’s Night approach to the Fantastic Four as celebrities in Manhattan. 

However, Reed is reported to be hopeful of landing an offer for the Fantastic Four director’s role which is a long-term ambition and it’s possible that the pitch has changed within the framework of the MCU the idea of a film set in Manhattan that is set in the past appears like a complete misinterpretation of the potential of the characters. It’s certainly easy to imagine a film set in the 60s since the comic books were created in the 60s, however, it’s not the case that Fantastic Four has always sought the future and is always looking for the next big thing. Restoring the characters to the past, and keeping them on Earth, makes them appear old-fashioned even though they’re not.

According to what Mark Waid and the late legendary Mike Wieringo explored in their brilliant story of Fantastic Four (2002), they’re a family of “adventurers exploring, imagines, and explorers.” In the wake of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness opening the doors to the Marvel multiverse, the Fantastic Four have a new purpose to be in the MCU. Although the Sorcerer Supreme is the official guardian of all the universes, it’s just one person, who is called to action whenever an emergency arises. 

The Fantastic Four has the potential to be present before events occur, mapping out the unknown areas of time and space and tapping into the latest discoveries to tackle the world’s challenges through methods that don’t necessarily fall subject to the same moral limitations of superheroes. This was the premise that drove Jonathan Hickman, Dale Eaglesham, and Steve Epting’s series in the comic book series Fantastic Four and Future Foundation The foursome was able to grow to include Richards Children Franklin and Valeria and others to increase their influence on the world. 

The inability of the Fantastic Four on the MCU to date could be due to the fact that they’ve traveled through the universe looking for solutions to the world’s issues but only to return after Thanos’ death to find an entire world afflicted by new problems.

When we get to meet The Fantastic Four in the MCU and beyond, we’ll probably get fully-formed versions of these characters. Not Young adults who have been inspired by the Ultimate Universe who are struggling to master their skills or stale versions of superheroes. Instead, we’ll see adults who have done some exploring and are a functional family unit that isn’t broken by a row or the Thing’s displeasure with his appearance. 

Spider-Man: The Far From Home made it clear that the Earth is in desperate need of new heroes, and is keen to give them famous status. It would be fascinating to observe the FF adopt the role of famous superheroes on the streets and take on Mole Man and his monsters. Mole Man and his monsters and in the privacy of their homes, explore the mysteries that lie in the Negative Zone, as well as alternate realities that are not intended to be enjoyed by the general public. If an FF adaptation could be dangerous, create bizarre worlds, and challenge rules, then perhaps we have something truly amazing in our hands.

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