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How Education Technologies Enable New Ways of Learning

by Emilywilliams
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New ways of learning are being powered by new education technologies. The benefits that can be enjoyed by leveraging online tools and resources to supplement traditional methods of learning have been widely discussed. There are even some who are trying out these new tools to great success. This piece aims to look at the ways in which this can result in greater effectiveness in today’s digital classrooms.

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Once upon a time learning something was quite simple. You’d go to school or university and actually educate by someone who had what you wanted to learn. They would teach you the basics and then in graduate school, if you wanted to be an expert, you’d have to find someone in your field and shadow them until they said that they were ready to take on the role of mentoring you with your academic task and provide assignment help Australia. That’s how it worked at least. In today’s world, things have changed dramatically with technology playing an ever-greater role in how we learn — as well as how we teach.

Technology: Engine of Instructional Quality

Educators today are constantly evaluating ways to improve instructional quality and performance. The goal is to increase student achievement and to give teachers the tools required to deliver effective instruction. Technology has proven to be an integral factor in this evolution of education, as educators strive to integrate technology effectively into the classroom. This course provides a road map for navigating the technology terrain of twenty-first-century education by building teachers’ skills.

  • Prerecorded lessons
  • Emerging as a key approach to learning
  • Children who live far from the nearest school
  • Emerging as a key approach to providing quality instruction

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To close out this post, I would like to return to the assertion of early education experts: just as in decades past, technology will provide new ways of teaching and learning. What are some of these new tools? How does technology enable new ways of learning? I encourage teachers and students alike to explore the resources available to them, understand their features and abilities, and find a way to creatively incorporate them into their lesson plans. The world has changed, but education has not—yet. Use the tools at your disposal to keep up with society’s needs.

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