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How does Tyre Labelling in the EU work?

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Tyre Labelling

When it comes to purchasing a new pair of tyres, there is no better place to turn. We sell a wide range of automobile tyres. Every one of them has a label of the European Union’s tyre markings.

What is the purpose of a tyre label?

The European Union (EU) mandated the use of tyre labels in 2012. They are critical in providing data concerning the unit’s key metrics. This is for consumers to make an accurate purchasing choice.

The three most important characteristics of a tyre are in the EU tyre label. These are the following: fuel efficiency, wet traction, and sound.

Efficiencies in terms of fuel

Using a coloured meter with a black pointer and a letter, the vehicle’s gas mileage is shown. The letters of this alphabet are numbered from A to G. This scaling is coloured in a range of shades ranging from green to red. The greatest gas mileage is represented by a green “A” in this chart. The letter “G” in red represents the worst-case scenario.

There might be a 7.5 per cent difference between the fuel efficiency of an A-rated tyre and a G-rated tyre. Aside from that, tyres contribute to around 20% of your car’s total fuel usage. Consequently, automobile owners must choose Tyres Birmingham that have a higher fuel economy value, to reduce their carbon footprint.

Traction on wet pavement

The wet grip indication is distinguished by a black arrow with a letter in white on it. The letters on this spectrum are numbered from A to G. When driving in wet conditions. It depicts the braking distance of the tyre. While stopping at a speed of 50miles per hour, the distance among each character from A to G is around 2.5 m. The result is that an A-rated tyre would come to a complete halt 18 m earlier than an F-rated tyre on water conditions in this situation.

Because of this, while searching for “tyres around me,” be certain to select an A-rated facility.


Loudspeaker symbols and 3 “sounds” symbols next to the icon indicate that the tyre has been labelled to reduce noise. Tyre sound is measured using one, 2, or 3 lines and a figure inscribed in white on the opposite side of the vehicle. A single black line indicates that the tyre’s exterior sound is 3dB or less than the future EU limit for this kind of sound. Two black lines indicate that the tyre complies with EU regulations. 3 bars show that this is not the case.

An EU tyre labelling provides customers with essential information about the unit. However, it is also beneficial from the standpoint of the supplier. By the use of a tyre mark, producers may effectively express the quality of the goods to customers.

Furthermore, statistics indicate that tyre degradation contributes to much more emissions. As a result, they can be up to 1,000 times more harmful than vehicle emissions. As a result, these markings help to reduce emissions by providing information about the Tyres Worcestershire impacts on the climate.

For this reason, if you want to get high-quality and fuel-efficient automobile tyres, don’t hesitate to contact us right now.

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The worry of having a flat tyre just before you leave for a road trip or on your route to an organisational event may be overwhelming. In such situations, you may count on us to provide you with urgent tyre availability.

What are the advantages of having an emergency tyre provision?

Choosing our emergency tyre delivery is an excellent option in the following situations:

An unexpected tyre blowout may cause your whole day’s plans to come to a grinding halt. If you are unable to access a mechanic for servicing or replacing, you may reserve a tyre or a collection of tyres from us via our website. You may have it sent to a location that is suitable for you.

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Start by looking at the many kinds of tyres that are available to you:

Summer tyres

Superb manoeuvrability and reactivity are provided by these machines. Additionally, the tread plates on these tyres have been carefully constructed to lessen the likelihood of hydroplaning.

Winter tyres

Enhanced grip and stopping effectiveness on wet or icy terrain is provided by these tyres’ increased natural material composition.

All-season tyres

In addition, these units have a medium tread depth that increases productivity on both dry and wet roadways in mild weather conditions.

Performance tyres

They have a distinctive tread design that improves steering responsiveness and turning skills. Huge tread blocks are also in the tyres. It provides excellent grip under a variety of road situations.

Aside from this, you may also pick from our stock of 4×4 and run-flat tyres in an urgent situation, depending on your needs and specifications.

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