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How Does Boltless Shelving Make Storage Easy?

by Lizasmiths
Boltless Steel Shelving

Boltless shelving is an alternative shelving option for warehouse managers. It has unique selling points that are not present in other warehouse shelving solutions: easy installation and durability. While other shelving solutions do have their benefits in terms of the way they handle storage, boltless shelving stands out to warehouse managers because of the variety of different problems it solves. In short, boltless steel shelving offers a multitude of solutions packaged as one single product.

Boltless steel shelving comes with a variety of benefits. It solves stock accessibility and visibility problems, it’s lightweight and easy to manage, and it offers the same kind of security offered by other heavy-duty shelving solutions. This article explores the benefits of using boltless steel shelving and why warehouse managers should consider shifting their stock to boltless shelves.

1. Safety of Goods Stored

Bolted shelves are rigid and required to be installed in a certain manner, adhering to strict specifications according to the installation manual. If the instructions are not followed, the resulting shelving unit may not be reliable, and any goods shelved on the bolted shelves may fall. With boltless shelving systems, shelves are much easier to assemble, and minor errors like missing a nut or bolt do not have as severe a consequence as a bolted shelf does. 

Damage to the goods may result in losses and late deliveries, leading to disgruntled customers. To prevent this from happening, boltless shelving can minimize the damage as it has a very simple installation process. Unlike bolted shelving, where losing one screw may result in losses, boltless shelving can be simply snapped into place. 

2. Fit for a Variety of Purposes

The lack of rigidity of boltless shelves makes them ideal for utilizing smaller storage areas or warehouses. Boltless shelving systems can be configured according to the requirements of the space available. In the case of bolted shelving, there may be minimal options available to the user. Thus, it’s a good way of optimizing space usage in overly packed warehouses or smaller warehouses. Since it can adapt to the space, it will require less moving around of other goods to fit the shelves. 

3. Ease of Accessibility

A good storage solution is one that makes accessing the goods less cumbersome. Accessing the goods from various locations means that if the goods are not accessible from one side, they can be accessed from the other side. Hence, they’re ideal for smaller or more tightly packed warehouses. Since they can be accessed from different areas, it also reduces the chance of shelves tipping over while transporting the goods within the warehouse. 

Products are also easily visible from a variety of different locations. Other shelving units obscure the visibility of the stock. Anyone who wants to retrieve a particular stock can easily access the goods without wasting time searching for them aisle by aisle. Stock retrieval becomes less of a chore and can save time for warehouse workers.

4. Boltless Racks are Inexpensive

Compared to other shelving units, boltless racks are cheap in terms of the price of the racks and the installation pricing. It’s easily installed without minimal professional intervention; however, they need to be carefully installed so that the goods stored on these shelves can be reliably stored. Even then, anyone in the warehouse can set up the boltless shelving unit. 

Since bolts are not required, the expense of regular maintenance is eliminated. Additionally, once in a while, maintenance may be required to extend the life of the boltless shelving units. The corrosion of bolts means they have a shorter life given their high price, making boltless shelving a more affordable option.

5. Personalization

For businesses dealing with oddly shaped goods or goods available in various shapes, personalizing the shelving racks according to the dimensions of the goods enables the effective use of space. Goods do not always come in the same shapes and sizes, so it may not be economical to keep purchasing racks that suit the dimensions of the goods. Rather, a boltless shelving solution can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of goods. Buying racks every time is an additional cost to the storage warehouses and unnecessarily inflates the cost of the final product.

6. Durability

Choosing a boltless rack does not equal choosing a low-quality rack. Both qualities of racks have a strong ability to store goods. Just as bolted racks can store heavy goods, choosing the right quality boltless shelving allows for reliable storage of the goods in stock. It’s important to note that boltless shelves, like all other goods, come in different sizes depending on their quality and reliability. Expending a few extra dollars to get a good quality rack can be a fruitful investment for years. 


If space is an issue for you, if you want your racking solution to last and want clear visibility of stock, boltless shelving is for you. There are countless benefits yielded by the purchase of Western Pacific shelving.  Boltless shelving is a revolutionary approach to solving warehousing problems. Visit Western Pacific Storage Solutions to learn more about different boltless shelving solutions.


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