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electric wheelchairs,

Electric wheelchairs, especially folding ones, are often queried as to how they work, especially when compared to more rigid powerchairs or mobility scooters.

Electric wheelchairs work through a series of motors, powered by batteries and controlled through a joystick. As a market leading provider of folding electric wheelchairs, the experts at LITH-TECH look at how they work and the systems that power the wheelchairs we offer.


Electric wheelchairs work through a series of motorcycles, which are powered by electric batteries, refill, and controlled through joystick by the user or caregiver.

In this blog, we discuss the following wheelchair area, explain how it works:

  • X2 Independent Electric Motor
  • Battery
  • Motorcycle
  • Control and joysticks

1) Understanding motorized wheelchairs

A battery-powered wheelchair is known as a motorised wheelchair. On Lith-tech, we use a lithium battery, therefore the name Lith-tech, which stands for Lithium Technology. All of our wheelchairs are rear wheel drive and have a variety of different wheel sizes for different uses.

Battery power in a wheelchair

All of our wheelchairs are equipped with two batteries, both 2x6ah, 2x10ah, or a combination of both. This means that each seat has a choice of safe aircraft, for those who want to travel. In addition, our wheelchairs can be used with only one battery in an emergency, and all our wheelchairs can even be filled through joysticks, making it more easily accessible by those who want more independence.

By using a battery that can be recharged and removable, such as lith-tech, you can ensure the use of a safe and reliable wheelchair.

2) Motor in an electric wheelchair

In an electric wheelchair, there are two types of motorcycles: brushed and without a brush.

The brushed motor uses a series of brushes that maintain contact with the commutator, which provides energy to the rotor to achieve power and movement. If the brush is broken or tired, the wheelchair will not be used until it is repaired.

Brushless Motors, which are used by Lith-tech, are calmer, smoother to operate and more likely to last longer without repairs and maintenance. They can also be controlled more precisely with joystick, and have a greater age, reduce electrical waste.

This means, that although upfront costs may be often steeper, lifelong costs for users are much lower. On Lith-tech, we want to make sure that you have a premium wheelchair, made with parts designed to survive, rather than violating after the warranty ends.

3) How does an electric wheelchair joystick work?

To use an electric wheelchair, you will have a joystick that controls your wheelchair function.

Your joystick contains horns, battery status and then speeding speed. This allows you to change speed in an increase of around 0.5 mph. For further explanation, watch this clip below as Toby, founder and CEO of Lith-Tech, talking to you through Joystick.

 For example, encouraging joysticks along the way forward will allow you to speed up faster, while a little moving the accelerator will give you less speed.

This joystick movement is converted into an electrical signal, which is translated into the motor by the control unit (which will act like the chair brain). This then sends the correct amount of power to the rear wheels to push the wheelchair. Everything works in unison and fast, which is why protecting your joystick in rain is very important, especially to prevent damage to this intelligent mechanism. For more info visit our Official website:

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