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How Can I Tell if it’s Time to Replace My Shingles?


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The life of the roof gets shortened due to rains, wind, and storms and this will make your roof rough and unchecked. Therefore homeowners must take care of their roof and maintain it all the seasons to help in maximizing their performance.

Shingles are the most common type of roof; residents should plan to replace their roofs every 15 to 20 years (for roofs with standard three-tab shingles) or every 19 to 25 years (for roofs with architectural shingles with a 25-year warranty).

However, many homeowners find that their shingles need to be replaced even with 20- and 25- year manufacturer’s warranties. Several factors can contribute to shortened shingles lives.

Sun damage.

You may find that your shingles are more brittle and less adhesive in the South because of the sun. This can cause them to blow off your roof even in moderate winds.

Driving winds and heavy rains

Due to the unpredictable and harsh nature of storms, especially between June and October, every family should plan for extreme weather conditions. But don’t wait for a hazardous tree to fall on your roof before finding out what role your roof plays in preserving your family’s safety.

Wind and rain can rip your shingles off your roof, especially if they are improperly installed. Even in the absence of a single shingle, your home is susceptible to rot, mold, and water damage.

Pressure washing

When you clean your roof using traditional methods, such as pressure washing, you are often using harsh chemicals and abrasive materials that can extensively and unnecessarily harm your roof and shorten its lifespan.
When looking at your roof to spot any potential problems with your shingles, be sure to look for these signs of wear:

Buckling/bending shingles.

When your roof is bent or buckling, it is much more likely that the shingles will no longer adhere to the surface, and you will be forced to replace them.

Deteriorating shingles.

Regular exposure to high temperatures, wind, rain, and debris causes your shingles to degrade around their edges. This allows mold, rot, and pests to grow in the space between them.

Missing shingles

When you lose a shingle, there are usually three nail holes left open, and if it rains, there will be a leak, if multiple shingles are missing, the chances of there being a leak grow exponentially.

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Never wait for the storm to come and get your roof tested by it. Instead, you must get your roof inspected and get all the leaks and damages repaired to avoid any kind of other issues after the storm.

You or your roof won’t be able to avoid the weather conditions and the sunlight also have an impact on your roof. This will extend your roof’s life and get help from professionals roofing contractor in Lakeland TN for high-quality installation and roofing materials appropriate for your area.

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