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Hiring A Hybrid App Development Company? Here’s What to Know!

by tranktech
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In a technology-driven era, investing in a customized app is the least you can do to properly interact with your audience and deliver the services they expect. While native applications have their benefits for small-scale and medium-scale businesses, the idea of investing in Android and iOS apps separately can be a substantial hit on the budget. On the flip side, a hybrid app development company serves both ends and can be built at reduced costs.

In this day and age of cutthroat competition, you must collaborate with a reliable hybrid mobile application development company to hire professional help for building the app. Throughout this post, we will break down the basics of hybrid app development solutions and things you should consider while getting started with a hybrid platform development project.

Overview of Hybrid Mobile Application

Hybrid mobile applications are a blend of native programming and web solutions. Native applications run on a particular system such as Android, Windows, or iOS. On the contrary, web apps are created for multiple platforms. Unlike native and web applications, Hybrid is efficient for numerous platforms. Hybrid applications are time-saving as you don’t have to develop new pages for your apps. 

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Hybrid mobile apps can function irrespective of the internet connection. If you want to build a hybrid app for providing maximum access to your customers, then you need to contact a hybrid mobile application development company

Why is Hybrid Mobile App Cost-Efficient?

A hybrid platform enables you to build a single mobile application with the same code for all devices. When a single app can run on numerous platforms, a business doesn’t need to spend separately on different versions of the application. If a hybrid app is developed with strong codes and merged with a lot of rich graphics & multimedia, it would tend to offer a great customer experience and high performance. 

While building a hybrid app, the existing web pages can easily convert into a brand new mobile portal. It doesn’t require a developer to learn a new skill. In this case, you would not need to contact a hybrid mobile application development company for building a cross-platform app. This way, you can eliminate the cost of learning a new skill. That is why hybrid portals are winning among businesses and app developers. 

What is the Cost of Building a Hybrid Mobile Application?

The demand for cross-platform app development is rising and seems to lead the mobile application market in upcoming years. If you also want to take the advantage of cross-platform applications, then you must know the cost of hybrid app development. As the budget is one of the crucial facets while building a mobile application, many business owners remain ignorant about the expense. To give them a presumptive idea of hybrid mobile application development cost, we have listed a few factors that may affect the price:

  1. Application’s scalability
  2. App’s features
  3. Cross-platform app development models
  4. Time of development
  5. Support & Maintenance

All of the above factors affect the cost of development. A hybrid mobile application may cost you $30,000 to $50,000 and more, approximately. But building two separate mobile apps may cost you more than $2,00,000 to $2,50,000. Hence, cross-platform apps are cost-efficient in every way. 

Hybrid Vs. Native Mobile Application Development – Which is better?

The native app development platform supports specific operating systems such as iOS and Android applications. While cross-platform or hybrid apps are designed for every operating system and use the same code. Hybrid portals are comparatively cost-effective and take less time to develop. Unlike cross-platform apps, a native mobile app has multiple code bases as it is built for each platform specifically. 

If a business wants to create an app that runs across various platforms, all it needs is to connect with a hybrid mobile application development company.


Expenditure on technology integration is always a significant part of a new business setup. Mobile app development services are one of those expenses that reflect your business finance for a long time. In this scenario, hybrid app development is the only solution that caters to their need. Because it offers a straightforward development process, platform compatibility, and lower cost. Besides, the cross-platform app can also sprint across multiple operating systems. 

If you are a small business and want to fuel the growth of your venture, then building a hybrid mobile application is a wise idea. App development agencies like Trank Technologies are there to assist you with all the know-how of mobile application creation. For the last 10+ years, the company has been serving as a trustworthy hybrid app development company. We build affordable cross-platform apps with high performance and a smooth user interface.

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