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Himalayan Pink Salt Wall For Therapy

Himalayan Salt Bricks

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Salt Walls

Benefits Of Pink Salt Wall

The Himalayan salt wall erection is a growing inclination in the interiors of spas and homes owned by lovers of all things comprehensive. These may be walls built wholly of illuminated Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks or typical walls with panels of salt bricks in them. Their dreamy appearance and air-purifying properties have made them more famous in salt spas and common rooms in a house. This extensive guide will help you plan and construct a salt wall in your home, office, spa, or anywhere you wish. So, let’s start.

Salt Walls

Why Himalayan pink Salt Bricks?

The use of Himalayan pink salt bricks or Himalayan Salt Tiles  for building salt walls is one of the most emerging wellness trends, thanks to the plethora of health advantages, these bricks have to offer. Because of the uncontaminated nature of Himalayan pink salt, without any additives or stringent refining procedures, it comes to you in its purest form after being mined from its natural reserves. This salt is especially found in nature as ancient sea deposits in the Salt Mines in Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas. The rocks of Himalayan salt are converted into salt bricks and tiles.

Pink Salt Wall

The salt room and salt walls made up of Himalayan salt bricks are built in wellness centers and spas to grant halo therapy. Halo therapy or salt therapy is an archaic concept that has been proved to be useful for a various conditions, especially respiratory ailments. Illuminated Himalayan salt bricks could give an effect identical to halo therapy and discharge negative ions that could possibly have many health benefits.

What Are Negative Ions?

Negative ions Also known as “vitamins of the air” are said to neutralize the dangerous effects of positive ions (electronic smog) present in our environment due to electronic gadgets. These can also purify the atmosphere from pollen, dander, dust, and ward off allergies, anxiety, symptoms of respiratory disorders, and breathing difficulties. 

Himalayan salt therapy performs by the discharge of negative ions from illuminated Himalayan pink salt bricks. As moisture sit on the salt, the heat from illumination causes the moisture to go into the air in the form of negative ions.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Wall

Now that you’ve been aware to this amazing salt, let’s start to know the benefits of constructing a salt wall.

  • Looks awesome! A Himalayan salt wall can add up that ’wow’ aspect to your place.
  • Gives off relaxing light
  • Consists of more than 80 trace minerals
  • Can clear the germs present in the air
  • Could give relief to your headache
  • Also good for breathing
  • Could be an amazing component of your home, office or, spa room

Constructing and Installation Instructions:


When you decide to construct a Himalayan salt wall, the first step is to ensure that your place is secured from rain, humidity or water. Building a salt wall indoors is the best option, where your wall would be safe from moisture.


As Himalayan salt bricks are not inexpensive, you should keep in mind your budget when planning the design of your wall. A panel of salt bricks on common wall would be less expensive than a wall made wholly of salt bricks.

Walls covered completely of salt bricks can be backlit to give a heating effect that could complement your place. 

Select the way of salt wall installation:

 You can install your salt wall by using two methods. The easiest way is the glue-free installation method with the use of a metal profile. If you desire to build your wall as a self-supporting structure or at an angle, this is the way you should choose. An independent wall moved to a different place without much difficulty. Another way for Himalayan salt wall installation is salt sputtering Himalayan pink salt tiles or blocks.



This Himalayan pink salt wall installation method utilizes a metal profile that can be stabled. Salt blocks are planted on the fixing system. You can even set up an LED strip if you want to use this way.



This method is not considered reliable as it doesn’t allow any backlights and is immovable. The use of glue is also not suggested since it could decrease the effect of Himalayan salt therapy by forming a layer over the salt. If due to certain reason you still want to use this method, here are some points you should know:

  • Before you begin spreading your salt sputter or ‘salt coat’, you should mount a net that will help set the coat.
  • Secondly, you also require making a mixture of Himalayan crystal pink salt. 
  • The use of glue mixtures is not suggested because it can be harmful to respiratory organs.


You can also select to glue Himalayan salt bricks together but for this, you will require a specific kind of glue. This is because Himalayan salt crystals can react with normal glue.

Usually, Himalayan salt glue comes in powder form which has to be dissolved in water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After doing the salt wall installation, you will need to wait for a specific period until the glue dries before taking away any excess to finish.

It’s All Yours!

Isn’t it wonderful to have a Himalayan salt wall in your very own space, and even more so when you have done it yourself?

With salt rooms and salt spas being the hottest trend, Himalayan salt therapy is obtaining acceptance as a treatment for symptoms of many health issues. With all the advantages being discussed, the Himalayan pink salt wall is a must-have. 

Newer implementations of this natural salt are found every day.  From using it in cooking, healthcare, skincare, and beauty to whole salt caves performing to assist anyone who want to have a full Himalayan Pink salt therapy experience, the benefits are endless. Enjoy the freshness and calmness this DIY Himalayan pink salt wall brings to your surroundings.

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