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Here Are The Best Livestorm Alternatives You Should Try

Best Livestorm Alternatives

by kayleejohnson980

Over the past two years, video conferencing and webinars have become dominant platforms to reach potential audiences, educate students, lead generation for business, and captivate the online audience. Video conferencing and webinars have attained huge popularity across the globe.

Similarly, with the rise of webinars and video conferencing, the number of online platforms catering to webinar services and online communication needs have also been raised. Livstorm is one such platform that caters to webcast services. It is a widely used browser-based video conferencing platform that offers easy to use setup. Livestorm comes with quality features like raising a hand and a virtual whiteboard.  

But if you feel like Livestrom is no more useful to you, or you want to explore other online video conferencing platforms, then your search ends here. In this blog, we will introduce you to all the other best possible alternatives to Livestorm that you should try. So, let’s start our blog.


Mixhubb is one of the leading online event solutions for all your virtual event needs. Mixhubb lets you host everything with ease. It offers a quick setup and user-friendly interface, enabling you to host online events within a few minutes. Mixhubb provides a strong and intuitive backend, using that organizers can effortlessly create an interactive, branded, and engaging event with a few clicks only. Mixhubb is a robust platform where users can easily register via any of their social media accounts and with its networking capabilities, attendees can also grow their personal and professional networks. 

This online event platform is customizable and offers 100% branding opportunities to the organizers. From designing to execution of events, it lets users customize everything, and at each stage( pre-registration page, lobby, auditorium, and booth) organizers get the branding option. Mixhubb is a self-manageable platform where you can manage your whole event by yourself, even if you don’t possess any knowledge about online events. With its breakout room, you can easily transform your large audience into smaller groups to have more interactive and fun-filled sessions. It comes with some advanced features like AI Matchmaking, real-time analytics, and automated invites via emails. Along with this, it offers features like recording, screen sharing, polls, chats, Q&A, and many more.

Despite having so many features, Mixhubb is a budget-friendly platform that ensures you safe and secure events. Also, you can use this platform for hosting online town hall meetings. 


This is another extensively used online platform for hosting all types of online events. Using this platform you can host hassle-free webinars in only a few minutes. It is a browser-based platform where up to 3,000 attendees can join the webinar from their browsers. Along with this, it is a multi-device compatible platform, users can access it from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. For making your webinar more immersive it offers advanced features like HD video and crystal clear audio. GoToMeeting also offers features like recording, scheduling the webinar, branding, multi-presenter, raising a hand, polls, surveys, etc. 

Big Marker:

This is another platform from our list that you can use as an alternative to Livestorm. On this platform, you can host webinars, online events, in-person events, or hybrid events. BigMarker has many interactive features that can make your webinar stand out from the crowd. This online platform is generally known for its marketing and lead-generating capabilities. 

It offers live, automated, and recorded webinars. It also allows users to send customized email invites to the attendees to ensure maximum show-up rates. Other features include recording, screen sharing, event analytics, polls, and many more. 


This online video conferencing platform is the most widely used platform across the globe. Zoom offers you an instant setup to host online meetings, webinars, and small online events. It lets you host webinars with up to 50,000 attendees and 1,000 video panelists. Its integration with YouTube and Facebook also lets users expand their audience reach via live streaming on these platforms. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that offers a secure, reliable, and high-quality online experience to users. It comes with some interesting features like chat, polls, high fidelity recordings, webinar branding, registration, recording, etc to make your webinar more engaging and interactive. 


This is the next webinar platform on our list offering a hassle-free webinar with a simple setup. Demio provides the best solution for marketing teams to expand their audience reach through live videos, in minimum time. If you are only looking for an online platform that generates leads, educates the audience, and transforms your audience into your customer, then Demio is the best platform for you. Other notable features of this platform include branding, recording, ROI management, live chats, polls, surveys, and event analytics.


This is the last online platform from our list that caters to all your virtual events needs. Airmeet allows you to host online events, conferences, webinars, and hybrid events with maximum audience engagements. This is a scalable platform where you can host online events of any size. Airmeet sales webinar lets you double your sales opportunities and delights your team. Also, its social webinar lets your audience connect and engage with you and other fellow attendees in interactive spaces. Along with live webinars you can also host on-demand webinars on this online platform.

Based on no download, Airmeet provides a high-quality HD live broadcasting experience along with an impeccable networking experience.

 As Airmeet is a multi-device and multi-browser compatible platform, attendees can join the event from any device and any browser.

Other notable features include chats, polls, video calls, screen sharing, raising a hand, and automatic recording. 

Webinar, no doubt, can help you in generating and increasing revenue, as it has become a prominent way of B2-B and B2C communication. 

Therefore it becomes necessary to select the right platform for hosting your webinar or online conference.

Hopefully, the above-stated information will help you in finding the right online platform that you can use instead of Livestorm for hosting your upcoming online events or webinars. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and explore one of the above-stated platforms and experience their services. 


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