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Have You Recently Purchased a Home?

by shaktideen

You must have complied with all applicable rules and regulations in order to legally purchase a home in Noida flats, NCR or elsewhere. For that, you have to follow the rules for registering your name as the property’s owner. The first foremost thing is that you have to organise a ritualistic housewarming party. This will drive out all the bad spirits from your new home. Furthermore, if you are thinking to a buy a Property in Noida then you should follow the below steps. But do you have any idea what individuals from all over the world used to do when they bought a new house and moved? So, in this blog, we will show you a few traditions that will astound you. Keep an eye out!

Keeping apparitions away from the porch

People used to believe that if suitable precautions are not followed. The spirits can haunt new dwellings and seize control of the land. They also assumed that painting the backside of the house or the back porch in a watery blue tone would be the most foolproof technique of avoiding this. Thus, this will gradually fool the spirits into thinking there is water all throughout the place, and they will refuse to enter. So, if you are a person who is afraid of Ghosts or believe in the concept of Ghosts. Then you should consider trying this method.

On the first night, candles should be burn

The next ritual is also linked to people’s belief in the existence of ghosts in a home. So, this custom stems from the belief that any property should be vacant for a good period of time while it is constructing. Furthermore, when the construction workers have completed their work for the day, they return home in the evening. As a result, the property is abandoned and exposed to paranormal activity. As a result, the first thing a homeowner should do after moving into a new home notifies the spirits. And they must now leave the premises.

The trick, according to this legend, is to light a few candles. Also, keep the rooms illuminated on the first night of migration. Moreover, you can try out the required trick if you think this tradition is worth believing in. Also, you will have good luck if you plant an orange tree.

Thus, if you undoubtedly want your new home to be a source of success, health, and grandeur for you.

Even the Chinese share this viewpoint.

They follow a year-old ritual to ensure that the move to the new residence is prosperous and flourishing. They believe that an orange tree will help you achieve these goals. As a result, they recommend that you plant an orange tree on your balcony, patio, rooftop, or anyplace else on your property. This will bring good fortune into your home. If this age-old Chinese practice appeals to you, you can give it a try and see how your life in your new house changes.

So, here are some pointers to follow after moving into a New home.

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