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Guide to wearing an engagement ring according to your zodiac sign

by agnsons

When it comes to finding a gemstone engagement ring, you need to consider a lot of things. One of the aspects is your partner’s personality.

The world of engagement rings is like an ocean and without the right direction, things could go wrong very quickly.

An easy way to ensure that you choose the right engagement ring is by going down the zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are a reflection of your partner’s personality, preferences, likes, and dislikes.

So, choosing an engagement ring according to the Zodiac sign of your partner would be ideal.

Find the engagement ring based on Zodiac signs.

#1. For the mysterious Aquarius

Aquarians are deep-thinking, intellectual creatures with a mystical element to them. They need time to come out of their shell. But, when they do, you would find a fiercely independent and energetic personality.

Our pick for those brides-to-be is the exotic amethyst engagement rings. The classic purple colour of the stone gives a mysterious flavour to the ring, complementing her personality, perfectly.

#2. For the creative Piscean

Pieces are known for their creativity and kind nature. These people are fantastic listeners, very compassionate, and caring. Most of the Pisceans are introverts and love to daydream.

For those dreamers, we have stunning aquamarine engagement rings. Aquamarine stone has a mesmerising light aqua colour. It also goes perfectly with the water sign of the Pieces.


#3. The determined Aries

Next, we come to one of the strongest Zodiac signs—the Aries. Aries are incredibly independent which makes them great leaders. Not to forget, they are highly emotional and romantic.

For them, the best choice is a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Diamond is one of the hardest stones on Moh’s scale. However, this stone is known for great lovers and romantic souls. See how that adds up to the personality of Aries?

#4. The grounded Taurus

A Taurus woman is someone who is very grounded, reliable, and extremely hardworking. They are practical in life and they appreciate honesty. Emerald is the symbol of love and truth.

AG & Sons have one of the most stunning collections of emerald engagement rings in the U.K. We suggest choosing something practical for daily use.

#5. The life of a party Gemini

There are two words to describe a Gemini woman—charming and versatile. No wonder they are the life of a party!

We love a pearl engagement ring or an emerald eternity ring for your love. Both of these gemstones resonate well with their enthusiastic character.

#6. The friendly Cancer

Cancerians have one of the most complex characters. They are imaginative, loyal, and great listeners. They are very loving people. For Cancer, a pearl or ruby engagement ring works the best.

If your loved one really treasures friendship, a pearl engagement ring is the one for them.

#7. The fiery Leo

No wonder we associate ruby gemstone engagement rings with Leo. People with this Zodiac sign have a dominating personality. They are natural-born leaders with immense confidence.

Ruby would complement their character perfectly. The bright red colour would go well with their bright personality.

#8. The loyal Virgo

Another interesting personality is the Virgo woman. Virgos are known for being kind and highly loyal. That’s why a sapphire engagement ring is the right choice for her.

Sapphire resonates with her eye-catching personality and loyal nature. The gorgeous blue colours make for the intensity with which a Virgo loves someone.

#9. The balanced Libra

Most people know Libra as people with fair judgment and well-balanced. However, what many might be unaware of is a positive nature and hopeless romantic that lies deep beneath their personality.

Opal engagement rings are the perfect choice for Libra. Opal has many colours just like a Libra personality.

#10. The passionate Scorpio

Scorpios are one of the most intense and passionate people in the Zodiac signs. They are ambitious and very emotional.

Topaz engagement rings would aid the intellect and intensity of a Scorpio woman. Topaz is also a symbol of loyalty.

#11. The optimistic Sagittarius

Sagittarius resonates very well with Citrine. The personality of Sagittarius is outgoing, optimistic, and very confident.

They are cup half full personality which complements well with a citrine gemstone engagement ring.

#12. The goal-driven Capricorn

One of the most level-headed people on the planet is the Capricorns. They pose great leadership skills, self-disciplined which makes them great managers.

Capricorns love to take care of people. This resembles closely with Tanzanite gemstones. The deep blue and violet colours of the gemstone suit well with the caring personality of Capricorns.

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