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Furniture Liquidation: A Cost-Effective Way To Sell Office Furniture

by MarlonMichael

When a company is moving or decommissioning, it may have some redundant furniture it needs to get rid of. There are several ways to dispose of unused office equipment, such as selling it, trashing it, and furniture liquidation. Of all the available ways of getting rid of unused office furniture, hiring a liquidator is among the most cost-effective methods.

Office furniture liquidation is a quick and cost-effective way for a company to sell its furniture when moving or decommissioning. It helps businesses eliminate the hassle of moving redundant furniture or renting a storage facility. A liquidator gets the furniture at low prices and resells it for a profit. However, the liquidator will help handle the entire process of moving the redundant furniture, saving the business owner some money. Here are a few ways furniture liquidation can provide a cost-effective way of selling office furniture.

  • Handles The Entire Process
  • Allow Enough Time
  • Detailed Inventory
  • Connections To A Network Of Reputable Buyers

Handles The Entire Process

Moving old or unused furniture when relocating or decommissioning a business can be a hassle. It is also quite expensive. The company that is relocating will have to hire a moving company and also pay for storage. Thankfully, office furniture liquidation helps to solve this problem. A reputable furniture liquidator will handle the movement of the furniture. The liquidator will also handle all storage needs until the furniture is sold. This helps to save the company that is relocating some money.

Allow Enough Time

Selling office equipment liquidation can be a bit of a hassle. It is also time-consuming, as it could take months or years to find a credible buyer. The selling party may have to invest a lot into ads and refurbishing to attract buyers. The selling party may also have to pay for storage, freight, etc. Interestingly, if the furniture is not sold for months, the selling party will keep accruing these expenses.

Thankfully, office furniture liquidation helps to speed up the entire process, saving time and money. These liquidation companies know how to attract buyers faster. They have a few connections that make the entire process faster. This helps the selling company save some money. It is crucial to know that furniture liquidation can’t be completed overnight, but it is faster than DIY. The selling company would have to give the liquidator some time to get a buyer.

Detailed Inventory

When moving, the company that is relocating is expected to perform a detailed inventory of all furniture. They may create a line-by-line office inventory. Although creating a line-by-line office inventory before working with a liquidating is not necessary. However, some businesses believe it could increase their furniture value. Businesses may need to take a few pictures and pitch a proposal to a buyer based on this. This would cost the selling party time and money, as they may hire a professional to help them with this.

Thankfully, most office furniture liquidators in Ontario will handle this. A reputable liquidation service will perform a detailed inventory of all furniture in the company. They will also handle the hassle and expenses of contacting buyers and pitching proposals. They may even have to cover the cost of advert and publicity until the furniture is sold.

Connections To A Network Of Reputable Buyers

Selling office furniture through a liquidation company is always seamless. This is because most reputable office liquidators usually have connections with a network of reputable buyers. This network of ready buyers makes the entire selling process seamless. They may partner with manufacturers, organizations, thrift stores, and other buying companies that are always willing to buy used items. This makes selling office furniture hassle-free and quick. It is also usually more profitable, as buyers would offer a fair price for the office furniture.

Furniture Liquidation Vs. Storage

Office furniture liquidation offers more benefits than using a storage unit. For instance, hiring a furniture liquidation company is more affordable than moving unused or old furniture into a storage unit. Interestingly, many people often overlook these costs. When moving office furniture with a professional liquidator, all movement and storage costs are covered by the liquidator. On the other hand, the company will pay all the costs when moving furniture into a storage unit. Some of the costs to cover include:

  • Transportation costs to the storage unit
  • Labor costs to move the furniture
  • Labor costs to unload the furniture into the storage
  • Costs of damaged furniture; which happens often
  • Storage fees

When moving the furniture out of storage, the business owner will have to pay the same transportation and labor costs. There is also a higher chance of the furniture getting damaged on the way. The business owner will have to cover the costs of repairs. But with a furniture liquidation company, the business owner will only have to cover minimal costs.

However, it is essential to hire a reputable furniture liquidator for all liquidation needs. Michaels Global Trading is a reputable office furniture liquidator providing transparent and dedicated decommissioning services. We can help you with services such as heavy lifting, relocation, organization, packaging, and office equipment liquidation. Contact our experienced team of decommissioning and liquidation experts today for efficient office furniture liquidation.

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