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Fun Things to Do in Alicante

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The Costa Blanca tourism zone in eastern Spain is headquartered in Alicante. The term comes from the endless expanse of white sand beaches that can be found in this part of the country. The city combines the leisure and pleasure of the beach with the history and sights that a city holiday requires: An ancient citadel looms over the city, as well as a traditional Mediterranean old-town with whitewashed buildings and cobblestone streets.

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Castle of Santa Barbara

A stronghold with medieval Arab origins crowns Benacantil mountain, the massive, towering rock looming over Alicante. The most recent repairs took done during Spain’s Golden Age in the 1500s, but you may still see remnants of Moorish times if you look attentively.

The best time to ascend the mountain is early in the morning before the sun rises, but there is also a lift that runs from right behind Postiguet Beach. Everyone should climb the battlements and stare out over Alicante, the Mediterranean, and the dark, mountainous terrain in awe.

Explanada de España

Alicante’s exquisite, marble-laid promenade is excellent for navigating because it starts in the old town and continues down the city’s shoreline near the marina. In most Spanish cities, taking a family walk is a part of life, and promenades like the Explanada de Espaa help you do it in style.

You’ll get a true sense of Alicante’s ambiance as you stroll beneath the palm trees and watch daily life unfold on terraces and market stalls.

There are beautiful coastline vistas, and in the summer, this brightly lit boardwalk benefits from cool sea breezes at the end of hot days.

Archaeological Museum

If you’re curious about Alicante’s roots, the MARQ Provincial Archaeological Museum is the place to go. You’ll begin with the hunter-gatherers and see the first-hand-forged metallic items made in the Alicante area.

The Iberian chamber is dedicated to the nearby pre-Roman archaeological sites that produced amazing sculptures and ceramics. During excavations, Lucentum, a Roman city in modern-day Alicante, provided a vast assortment of pottery, jewelry, and other everyday things.

Perhaps the most intriguing displays are those depicting medieval times when Jewish, Islamic, and Christian cultures coexisted for a brief period.

Postiguet Beach

If you don’t want to travel far for a dose of sea and sand, there is a really good beach just near to the old town. The magnificent sands of Playa del Postiguet are washed by gentle waves.

Before the sea even reaches waist height, you must wade out pretty far, and from the ocean, there are fantastic views back to Santa Barbara’s imposing walls.

The beach can get crowded in the summer due to its size and location, but its central location means there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. How to check TAP Air Portugal book a flight? The official website of the airline has all the answers to your queries.

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