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Five Important Online Tools for Students

by karenhamada

When professors assign you a task, they expect you to pay your full attention to it and deliver perfection. According to expert essay writers, it is manually very difficult to deliver perfect essays. This is where the role of online educational tools comes into play. From keeping track of the word count to checking plagiarism, there are tools for everything assignment related. So let’s check out the five unique tools students can use while writing assignments.

  1. Plagiarism checker

Writing 100% unique assignments is easier said than done. Students even end up missing their deadlines in an attempt to write unique papers. You may even be penalised for the rest of the semester if your essay structure shows a plagiarism percentage, let alone its impact on your overall academic performance. Plagiarism can happen without you realising it. Why take the risk when you can use online plagiarism checkers to check the plagiarism percentage?

  1. Paraphrasing tool

It is fine if you cannot think of anything to write in the assignment. It isn’t uncommon. Writer’s block is real. Do not waste time staring at the black screen. Instead, download a reliable paraphrasing tool and use it to complete the essay. Paraphrasing is the process of changing the original text without changing the original meaning of the text.

  1. Referencing tool

Referencing is not an option but a mandatory part of any assignment. It shows your honesty as a writer and as a student. You must have used a wide slew of sources to write the paper. That means you have used someone else’s ideas while writing the paper. Thus, it is your duty to give credit to the original author that it deserves. And the best way to do so is through references.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular software among students, especially the International ones. It often happens that students fly down to foreign countries for higher education, and they struggle with their native English language. This is where Grammarlycomes into play. All you have to do is upload the document to the tool and let it scan your dissertation structure. The tool will show the grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, structural problems, etc.

  1. Resume builder

Whether you have just graduated from college or you are about to graduate, a well-written resume is what you need to land good career opportunities in the future. You can use this tool to build your resumes automatically. Just share the details related to your educational qualifications and years of experience. The tool will generate the resume for you.

The next time you start working on an assignment, make sure you download these tools. Some of these tools are available as browser extensions as well. Use them as and when required to write perfect assignments easily.


Don’t worry if assignment writing isn’t your cup of tea. You are not alone. However, there are tools that can make the task easier for you. Read this article to know what those tools are. Download them as and when required.

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