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Features to Look for in Masks for Kids

by Abhay_Singh
Masks for Kids

Wearing masks is not the choice but the necessity now. The changed rules of living and travelling after the dreadful Covid waves and the looming threats raise concerns towards children’s safety. To add further to challenges, kids tend to avoid wearing masks. They have no certain words to communicate the reason for their doing so. Hence, it is essential for us to pick masks that kids feel comfortable and happy wearing.

Here are some of the features to look for while selecting these facial coverings for kids.

  • N95 Mask: N95 is the respirator rating category. This material is considered quite safe for kids because of the protection from infection and the breathability. Kids don’t sit quiet like adults all the time. They are up to something always. Hence, face masks should not interfere with the easy passing of fresh air.

The N95 rating is given to the face covering materials that pass on both parameters. In addition to comfort and security, the fact that kids soil things a lot requires serious consideration. That is why, reusable N95 mask provides an affordable solution for maintaining kids’ usage habits.

  • Skin-friendly Fabric: Kids skin is quite soft and sensitive. Even a little friction can cause skin rash, or scars. The reusable N95 mask is made of super-fine fabric and feels great when it comes in touch with skin. Thus, kids will never feel lack of comfort and won’t mind wearing it for long. With a little guidance on how to adjust mask when not in crowded place, you can help the child adjust to the N95 mask for kids easily.


  • Attractive Designs: Kids feel drawn to designs that are based on their favorite cartoon characters. Captain America, Spiderman, Batman, etc. are some of the print ideas that have become popular choice for kids’ masks. Some makers make it a point to stay updated on the design ideas. These days, Frozen masks are in production in large numbers.

Frozen is the cartoon movie that kids like a lot. Frozen theme masks make an interesting addition to attire and kids feel fashion-updated while wearing these. Thus, they might look forward to wearing those instead of avoiding.

  • Better Adjusting to Face: Kids need to take fresh air and tend to take off masks at intervals. The make of the masks should support this tendency. With the help of adjustable ear loops and better covering range of the mask, the parents can be sure of keeping their little ones safe from infections.

Easy adjusting ability allows kids to manage the mask without assistance. Thus, they can avoid coming in close contact with others while in public place and can stick to norms with ease.

Summing up,

Help kids adjust to requirement of wearing masks with options they find easy and fun to use. Cartoon characters take the monotony away and make them look interesting too. Also, you can buy these with combo offers available online at providers like Nirvana Being that ensure the best quality that your kid deserves.

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