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Facebook Marketing Course : The Complete 2020 Guide

by Swarup Rudra
Facebook Marketing Course

Do you know how many people log onto Facebook every day? On a  month-to-month basis?More than you could imagine. Facebook estimated 2.41 billion monthly active users and 1.59 billion daily users as of the end of September 2019. The Demand for Facebook Marketing course is increasing every day.

And that’s without taking into account the additional millions of users who use other platforms that are part of the Facebook family, like Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

There are quite a few of them. It goes without saying that using Facebook to increase sales for your company is crucial. But it’s frequently simpler to say than to accomplish!

Facebook felt like a maze when I first started using it. Additionally, Facebook frequently updates its Ads Manager platform and adds new capabilities for its users. This is the reason we wrote this manual. We’re breaking it down for you to make it simpler than ever because we want to provide small company owners with the knowledge they need to make the most of this tool.

We’ll delve deeply into the fundamentals of Facebook advertising before outlining your training alternatives.Continue reading if any of the parts below pique your interest!



It’s not too difficult to create your first Facebook ad. Go to the “account overview” tab and select the “Create” icon in the green section.



You will be directed to a website where you must choose your advertising goal after clicking this button. You will be directed to the “Guided Creation” layout by default, but you have the choice to “Switch to Quick Creation.”


Increase public awareness of your company, brand, or service through brand awareness.


Reach: expose your advertisement to as many members of your target audience as you can.



Drive traffic from Facebook to any URL you select, such as the landing page of your website, a blog post, an app, etc.


Reach out to those who are more inclined to interact with your post. Engagement might include offers that are redeemed from your page in addition to likes, comments, and shares. Send customers to the shop where they may download the app for your company.

Share videos about your company with Facebook users who are most likely to watch them.


Conversions are when you get people to do anything on your company’s website, such put something in their shopping cart, download your app, sign up for your website, or make a purchase.

Catalog Sales: To increase sales, display items from your e-commerce store’s catalogue.Store TrafficMake local customers aware of your brick-and-mortar stores.Store Traffic: advertise your physical locations to individuals in the neighbourhood.

Facebook’s precise targeting capabilities are well-known and adored. You can pinpoint particular characteristics, interests, or behaviours that correspond to your buyer persona during this stage of the ad production process.

The triangle icon next to “demographics,” “interests,” or “behaviours” allows you to access a drop-down menu with more choices for each of those menu items.


You have the option to target your ideal audience in this section based on factors like geography, age, gender, language, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

You have the choice to use a saved audience or a custom crowd in the first part of the audience-building phase. After creating and saving your first audience, you can choose from stored audiences, and after installing a Facebook Pixel and starting to collect data with it, you can use custom audiences.


You will have the ability to choose where you would like your ad to be placed since Facebook provides a lot of possible locations to display your ad, including newsfeeds, stories, in messages, and even on Instagram. Facebook normally advises allowing automatic placements in order to make the most of your budget, but if you have a precise idea of where you want your ad to appear (for example, Instagram exclusively), choose “modify placements” here.


The particular optimization for ad delivery based on the aim you have selected is established in your budget and timetable. If you choose “traffic,” for instance, you now have the option of either optimizing for overall link clicks or only hits to your landing page.

You can also select a daily budget or a lifetime budget at this point. In contrast to choosing a lifetime budget, which may cause your daily budget to change depending on daily performance and competition from other bidders, your daily budget will remain constant regardless of the day the advertisement appears and how well it performs. However, “lifetime” indicates that your budget will never go over the amount you have specified here.

Consider the days that your target market would be most active on Facebook when choosing your schedule. Are you going after busy mothers? Both before night and at the beginning of the day, they might check their phones. Are young professionals your target market? They could be busiest during their lunch break and on weekends. You can gradually improve your schedule and financial choices by keeping an eye on the effectiveness of your advertisements. Facebook Marketing Course is very helpful for Young Professionals.


The time has come to decide on your ad format after you have established your budget and timeframe. Currently, Facebook Marketing Course offers the choice of carousel advertisements, single picture ads, single video ads, or collections.

Display up to ten images or videos in a carousel format, each with a unique URL.

Single Image – Use high-quality graphics to direct users to specific websites or apps.One video: Highlight the features of the product and engage viewers with sound and motion.Collection: Promote buying by showing goods from your product catalogue that are specially tailored for each person.

Your goal, the product you’re advertising, and your aspirations will all influence the form of your commercial.


Although the Ads Manager’s ad creative area can initially be confusing, all of the fields are quite self-explanatory.You must decide which image(s) or video to highlight, as well as create original headlines, descriptions, and primary text. Additionally, you need the URL of the landing page you are sending visitors to.


Facebook is without a doubt the most widely used social media network worldwide.But does it increase sales?Yes, provided that it is done properly.If you are not targeting the correct customers, your business may end up wasting money on Facebook advertising. Because of this, it’s crucial to precisely define your buyer persona and launch the appropriate advertisements based on your knowledge of who they are, what interests them, and how they use Facebook.

How effectively Facebook advertising can increase your sales is as follows:It enables you to reach your clients wherever they are.You probably haven’t waited in line in a while. Or even a waiting area?Have you ever noticed how many individuals wait in line while reading a magazine or newspaper? Facebook Marketing Course is helpful for many Facebook Users.

I hazard a bet that there is no response.


We normally suggest one of the three options for anyone wishing to gain more expertise in the realm of Facebook ads:


Academy Of Digital Marketing  ON FACEBOOK


 An online and Offline education program on Facebook Marketing Course offered by the academy Of Digital Marketing that teaches them how to use the Facebook Ads platform and best practices for using Facebook and Instagram for advertising objectives.

The fact that this Institute is totally free to use and has filters accessible to search through particular topics and courses that you may want to hone in on are two advantages. However, Facebook doesn’t provide much assistance to users who have queries or need help using the platform’s tools. The only customer service assistance offered is through printed resources or requires lengthy waits for email or chat.





One of the finest sites to learn a new skill for free is on YouTube. Similar to most themes, there are hundreds of free videos on YouTube that are devoted to Facebook advertising tips, methods, and recommendations.


YouTube is a really useful resource for learning about Facebook advertising rapidly and hearing explanations from real individuals for quick-snippets of information.

A significant advantage of these kinds of videos is the ability to watch someone physically go through each component of the platform as it is being described. The fact that you can’t speak with the YouTuber immediately while you’re watching and ask questions or offer suggestions for your own specific Facebook advertising approach is undoubtedly a drawback.


Did you know that Relevantly has its own in-house Facebook advertising training programme?


Make the most of your digital marketing budget with the aid of our Facebook Ads Training Course. All of our training sessions include one-on-one interaction between a member of your team and one of our Facebook specialists, giving you the opportunity to ask questions as you go, work out your strategy with a pro, and learn everything there is to know about executing Facebook advertising.Our training sessions will teach you how to build and manage top-notch Facebook advertising that target the appropriate audience in your service region, making your company stand out from the competition.


Small- to medium-sized businesses in North America can learn the skills necessary to effectively run and promote their operations on the Facebook platform by enrolling in Relevantly’s Facebook Marketing Courses.With over 15 years of marketing expertise, we at Relevantly are eager to share the lessons we’ve learnt with you and your company.Among the things we cover in our training are:

  • Setup for Facebook Ads Manager
  • establishing a Facebook pagecreating an account for Ads Manager
  • Facebook Ads Manager Platform Overview
  • Meaning of each column
  • Where to find the necessary data
  • Recognizing advertising budgets and timelines
  • Facebook Ads Manager usage
  • review the main tabs
  • Setup of a Mock Ad
  • distinctive goals
  • Creating Successful Facebook Advertising Strategies
  • What ought to the ad’s objective be?
  • Which ad formats usually function the best
  • How to choose the proper target
  • How to Create Creative Facebook Ads
  • creating dynamic advertising creative
  • writing copy for headlines, main text, and more
  • choosing the appropriate CTA and ad type

Establishing Facebook Landing Pages

  • creating dynamic advertising creative
  • writing copy for headlines, main text, and more
  • Usefulness of landing pages
  • Counting and Reporting
  • reporting on advertising results
  • Facebook Pixel use
  • analysing results
  • A review and Q&A
  • Make sure you comprehend each step.
  • Live ad setup with guidance
  • Address any remaining inquiries.

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