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Export MSG 2 vCard format with MSG to VCF Converter

Convert MSG Contacts to vCard VCF file

by bostotalma

Email communication has grown extremely widespread in today’s digital environment when practically every user is in touch with technology. In the sector, a variety of email services are offered via which users may connect and create contact with one another. Outlook is one such popular tool that, through its capabilities, enables users to create successful communication. All contacts for a certain email profile are saved in MSG format. As a result, each Outlook contact may be viewed as an MSG file. However, in some cases, many users choose to import MSG to vCard format in order to access Outlook contacts independently as .vcf. The following post demonstrates how to manually convert MSG to vCard.

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Quick Method: You may use MSG to vCard Converter to convert all.msg files to VCF format, which we will go over in more detail later in this post, so stay tuned.

The Benefits of Using vCard Format

We discovered that many users prefer to convert contacts from Outlook MSG to VCF files after reviewing different user inquiries in the technical forums.
Once you’ve converted the contacts from MSG to vCard, you may enjoy the following benefits of the format:

● The vCard contacts may be quickly accessed without the need for any email or desktop program to read their information.
● It is simple to send vCards through Bluetooth. Thus, utilizing the fundamental utility of mobile phones, contacts may be instantly exchanged.
● Other email applications, such as Gmail, may readily attach vCard files. As a result, you may exchange Outlook contacts in other programs as well.
● The primary advantage is that vCard files may be accessed without an internet connection.
● One may also store their Outlook contacts as vCard files in order to build a backup of several Outlook profiles in one location.
● It is one of the simplest methods for converting contacts from an MSG file to vCard format, which can be viewed on mobile devices, desktops, tablets, and so on.

Methods for transferring MSG contacts to vCard

The Outlook contacts may be readily extracted into vCard files using Microsoft Outlook’s built-in function. Converting MSG files to vCard pulls entire information into vCard, including name, email address, phone number, organization, and all other contact fields. To convert an MSG file to a vCard, simply follow these steps:

Method 1: Export Contacts to vCard

● Open Contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

● Select the Outlook contact to be saved as a vCard.
● Navigate to the File Menu.

Save As Option
● To begin the process of exporting MSG to vCard, select Save As from the file menu.

● To convert MSG to VCF, select the Save As Type option and save the contacts as vCard.

Thus, by following the processes outlined above, users may simply export MSG contacts to vCard. It generates a vCard file for the contact after exporting it from the Outlook profile. These steps can be repeated separately to export an MSG file to vCard.

Method 2: Using a Business Card, export MSG to vCard

Another method for exporting numerous MSG to vCard is to transmit the business cards as follows:

● Open the Contacts program in Outlook.
● Then, go to forwarding Contacts >> Business Card.
● Enter the email address of the contact to be communicated via the MSG to the vCard Migration Process.
● Send the email to the address you supplied.
● Open the email to view the contact attachments.
● To save the contacts as a vCard, select Download attachment.

Users can use either of these methods to download MSG files as vCard format because both are safe and do not cause data loss.

Method 3: Easy Solution Convert Outlook MSG Contacts to vCard using a professional tool

SYSessential MSG to VCF Converter is a tool that can assist you in overcoming the restrictions of the aforementioned ways. The exercise is meticulously constructed with all of the user’s requirements for converting MSG contacts to vCard modifications in mind.

The initialization of azygos content file contacts to .vcf is not restricted by SYSessential MSG to VCF Converter. The lesser is offers numerous options for carrying out the mail shift, such as desired file denotative selection, intended location, and so on. The procedure is simple and quickly converts quadruplicate Outlook MSG contacts to vCard VCF distribution.

Important Features of SYSessential MSG to VCF Converter

● Rapidly convert single or batch Outlook MSG to vCard.
● The standalone converting tool does not require the installation of MS Office to be used.
● Each MS Outlook MSG file may be converted using a separate VCF file.
● Outlook. msg files may be exported in both ANSI and UNICODE formats.
● There are no file size restrictions when converting any size file.
● It works well on all major Windows versions, including Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
● Allows Outlook users to view their contacts in several email programs at once.

Instructions for utilizing SYSessential MSG to vCard Converter applications in detail

  • SYSessential MSG to VCF Converter should be installed on your PC.

  • You may explore MSG files by selecting Add MSG file or Add folder.
  •  Get a list of recently added MSG files, then press the Next button.
  •  Navigate to the location where you want to export VCF files using the browse button.


  • Place your cursor on the Convert Now button.

MSG to VCF (vCard) Converter Software has the following features:

Conversion is possible in two ways
MSG 2 VCF is an ingenious conversion application that allows users to convert data one at a time or all at once. Batch conversion is perfect for exporting a full folder at once. The feature significantly boosts converting speed.

Conversion of Complete Contact Data
In addition to your name and address, your Outlook contact provides your phone number, website URL, images, activities, and other information. All contact data may be exported with a few easy clicks using the MSG to VCF converter.

Make a separate file
MSG to VCF allows you to create a separate file for each MSG file. Each MSG file includes data, and the VCF file is similarly called. This allows you to see contacts individually and simply share them.

The ability to convert any MSG file size
With MSG to vCard Converter, you have total control over the conversion of any size Outlook MSG file. The program completes the operation rapidly, regardless of the size of the MSG file.

Work effectively with Windows OS
The program was designed for the Windows operating system. The utility is compliant with all versions of Microsoft windows. It also works with Microsoft Outlook editions such as 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and the most current 2016.

MSG to Vcard Free Demo is now available for evaluation
You can test the best software conversion with our free sample. All users who intend to purchase the program can utilize the free version. With the free edition, you may try out all of the program’s features.


Given the significance of converting MSG to vCard files, we have addressed the manual method of doing so. Using a few easy procedures, you may simply export MSG contacts to vCard format and use them as needed. The sole disadvantage of the manual method is that only single contacts may be stored as vCard files. The preceding procedures must be completed manually when converting a large number of MSG files. This takes a long time for those that need to convert MSG to vCard format rapidly. As a result, for quick and dependable conversion, we propose SYSessential MSG to VCF Converter.

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