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Everything You Need to Know About Tableau and Google Sheets

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Tableau and Google Sheets

This guide will walk you through simple step-by-step solutions to help you establish a connection between Tableau and Google Sheets. It provides a brief overview of Google Sheets and Tableau to polish your knowledge.

What are Google Sheets?

Google sheets are a free-cloud-based service offered by Google. It delivers the full feature of a spreadsheet and helps perform seamless data analysis. It is accessed easily with the help of a web browser and connects exceptionally with many other web-based applications.

It includes pivot tables and charting tools for analyzing data and delivering excellent performance while working with huge data sets.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is an influential business intelligence (BI) tool that turns raw data into a meaningful format. It is a popular tool used to visualize information and is easily understood by non-technical users.

Users can create visualizations by using worksheets and dashboards, which help them with real-time analysis quickly and securely. You don’t necessarily need any technical background or programming skills to work with it.

How to use Tableau’s Google Sheet Connector?

Tableau and Google Sheets connection include the following steps:

Step 1: Signing in to Tableau

Step 2: Signing in to Google Sheets

Step 3: Extracting the desired sheet

Step 1: Signing in to Tableau

The first step is to launch Tableau on the workstation and sign in as a user with the creator role. Next, choose Google Sheets from the connection column available on the left.

Tableau.

This opens a dialogue box where you have to fill in the credentials for your Google account.

Google.

Step 2: Signing in to Google Sheets

Fill the credentials in your Google account and log in to your Google Sheets. Once logged in, you will be asked to provide Tableau to access your data available.

Connect Google Sheets to Tableau.

Select allow for Tableau to successfully access the data.

Step 3: Extracting the sheet

Once you have successfully logged in, a page of your data in Google Sheets will now be highlighted. Choose the sheet you wish to visualize with the help of Tableau.

Extracting the desired sheet to your target destination

Choose to connect for connect and successfully transfer information from Google Sheets to Tableau. Choose the extract option to pull the entire data set to form the chosen sheet.

Tableau now highlights the metrics and dimensions for your uploaded data from Google Sheets. Click on the desired data and drag it onto the canvas to start visualizing it.


This article teaches you how to integrate Tableau and Google Sheets. It provides a piece of in-depth information about the ideas behind every step for your better understanding and to implement them efficiently.

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