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Did you ever hear of or see a gantry? It is indeed not so common for everyone but the construction equipment operator and workers know better about it.

A gantry looks like an overhead bridge that is made of iron beams and helps in supporting different requirements and other stuff. It actually does not need to be tied with any building. It supports heavy equipment beams and parts like cranes, tall signal polls, and cameras.

In this article, we are giving you an overview of the gantry. So that you may have enough understanding about gantry.

Where should we use gentries?

The gentries are to use in outdoor jobs. When you are looking for a crane for sale, you must keep in mind what is the requirement of the project. Then choose the right size of the crane. However, if you have a big crane to work on then you may use a gantry to support its beam while it is hauling the heavy objects. Further, you can use it in supporting the larger traffic signal polls and cameras installed at high places. You must be now clear about where can we use these gantries.

Some types of gantries are very flexible in size. You can adjust them according to the need whereas the few are fixed-sized. Two iron beams are fitted parallel to support the big equipment.

What are hydraulic gantries?

Hydraulic gantries are used in the place where the cranes are unable to fit and work. The hydraulic gentries help in lifting and hoisting heavy objects even in tight spaces. All you need to do is efficiently fix the gantry. Further, the use of a hydraulic gantry is very inexpensive and can save you a lot of money.

What should we consider while using gantry?

Despite of all the flexibility and user-friendly features of the gantry, we need to consider some factors before having it.

  • Keep in mind the indoor and outdoor use of gantry before working on it. It may have some separate instructions for use.
  • While using a gantry with a crane, make sure the speed is optimal and under control so that you may avoid any accident.
  • Check the power supply if it is enough to operate it or needs more energy.
  • Make sure the load you are hoisting with it is durable. Try to lift the suggested load to not create any harm on site.

How to move a gantry?

Like any other crane for sale, moving a gantry also needs a professional approach. When you want to move the large size of the gantry then call the professional heavy equipment moving company for the job. They have specialized equipment to move large and heavy machinery. They also take care of all the safety precautions and are very cost-effective as well.


A gantry is a heavy overhead bridge-like structure that supports the larger crane, polls, and camera. They are used in many kinds of jobs. In this article, you may read about all the little details about the uses and considerations of a gantry.

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