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Embracing the Comeback of Flare Jeans

by Raquel Zoellner
Flare Jeans

Have you noticed certain fashion trends making a comeback? Making beloved looks work as a part of a fashion-forward wardrobe has always been exciting. Well, flare jeans are ready to find a place in your closet again. Today’s flares have that same kick-out of fabric at the bottom you know and love. With that said, they’re also going to have a uniquely modern twist. As familiar styles evolve, you have a reason or two to pick up some new-age flares.

Why You Should Own This Style

Jeans with a flare at the bottom are super versatile pieces to keep in your wardrobe. They look good with a variety of different tops and shoes. Plus, you can wear them at different times of the year. Besides adaptability, flare jeans are a flattering style for women of all ages, especially when you want to enhance your curves. You can even find jeans designed to give you a “booty lift” effect.

The Evolving Look of Flare Jeans

From bell-bottoms to wide-leg styles to sleek designs, low-rise jeans with a boot cut bottom have seen a lot of changes over the years. Still, they keep coming back—and for good reason. The flare at the bottom of these jeans makes your legs look longer. So, what happens when you crop the hem of flare jeans just a few inches? Kick flares are a cropped version of classic flares. They look fashionable with sneakers, heels, and boots. They might not elongate the look of your legs as much, but they can still suit women of any size or shape. It’s one of the reasons why they’re one of the reigning styles in today’s denim trends.

Styling New-Age Flare Jeans for Your Unique Shape

Every person has their own unique shape. Of course you want your denim to fit your curves, and kick flares will hug them in all the right places. Depending on the time of year, you might want to wear specific shades of denim. For instance, medium and light wash blues are perfect for summer. If you want something that is sure to stand out, grab a pair of flare jeans with exciting hem features, like jagged hems, slit fray hems, or other styles. These details draw attention to your jeans and your shoes. So, style them with chic booties, sneakers, or sandals for summer.

The Best Time of Year for Your Kick Flares

Kick flare jeans are a great style for spring and summer. If they have a bit of a cropped look, they can look and feel a little lighter. They pair well with white tees, kaftans, and stylish sandals. If you want to transition your flares into fall, you can wear them with a sweater and boots. Being able to wear cropped flares in the winter can depend on where you live. They work well in climates where the weather is relatively mild year-round. That means there’s no need to pack them away for any season.

Flare jeans are a fun addition to your closet. They’ve got warm weather vibes but are easy to wear well into fall and winter. Flares are flattering for any unique curves and shapes, whether you’re short or tall. Search for styles made with innovative design elements, and your new-age kick flares can help you keep up with all the latest fashion trends. Plus, you can enjoy the sweet nostalgia of wearing a style that’s fallen out of the spotlight for a few years. With all these options to choose from, you can transform your style with pieces that help you look and feel your best.

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