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Efficient SEO Packages at Affordable Rates from SERP Consultancy

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In the digital marketing world, Search engine optimisation or SEO has become an important part of a successful digital marketing campaign. When applied correctly, SEO can help any website rank higher on search engine results, which increases visibility. As more and more digital-based businesses are entering the marketing landscape, SEO can increase the prospects of getting a brand and its products in front of its most desired audience.

For a brand or company, choosing the right digital marketing agency as a partner is the toughest choice to make. Luckily, SERP Consultancy, a digital marketing agency and premier Google partner offers SEO packages that are suitable for any sized business and enterprise. There are very few digital marketing agencies which offer affordable and transparent SEO packages comparable with SERP Consultancy.

Introducing SERP Consultancy

SERP consultancy is a Kolkata-based Indian digital marketing agency that specialises in search engine optimization, link building, PPC marketing, social media marketing and related services. The company was founded back in April 2010 by Prodosh Kundu, who serves as the Founder & CEO. The company was formed with the intention of improving the quality of work offered by other digital marketing agencies at the time. Over the next decade, the company grew to be a reputed digital marketing agency that serves a host of clients worldwide. This is evident from the numerous positive client feedback on its official website.

SERP Consultancy’s successful journey can be attributed to its full fully customer-centric organisation with creativity, collaboration, trust, honesty and respect as core values. The company has an enthusiastic team of highly qualified, motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic digital marketing professionals. Apart from this, SERP Consultancy is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation with ethical White Hat digital marketing approaches.

SEO packages are available at SERP Consultancy

Recognising the requirements of many companies with varied budgets, SERP Consultancy provides two SEO packages – All-in-one SEO Package and Pay for performance package.

All in one SEO package

SEO is not a one-time deal but rather a continuous effort. SERP Consultancy can guide your company and select components which are best for your business and implement organic SEO plans. The company can satisfy every SEO need of a start-up as well as a big enterprise. SERP Consultancy’s successful track record is proof of satisfied clients from different industries and sectors.

SERP Consultancy does not believe that any stereotypical or predefined task list works for every website. This is why it prepares custom tasks after completing a detailed analysis of the brand’s website. As it treats every client as a long-time partner, SERP Consultancy tweaks strategies on a quarterly basis or whenever any adjustments are required.

Companies and brands who struggling with their organic results can contact SERP Consultancy with their website URL and their approximate monthly budget to get started. SERP Consultancy can prepare custom packages for both English and Non-English websites.

Pay for performance package

Many companies wonder whether investing in SEO packages can deliver the expected ROI. This is especially true for new companies which do not have a big starting budget allocated towards marketing. Luckily, SERP Consultancy’s Pay for Performance Package is the best solution for such circumstances. It applies all the required steps to improve the organic ranking of the website with customised white-hat SEO strategies.

The Pay for performance package, as the name suggests, requires clients to pay only for the rank improvements of maintaining the top position in Google. The main advantage of this package is that services would not be limited to the budget constraint as like a normal, monthly SEO plan. By choosing this package, clients can rest assured that they will pay only for achieved milestones and performance. It’s a win-win situation where clients aren’t charged more unless they are getting more.

How to get started with the Pay for performance package?

To get started with SERP Consultancy’s pay-for-performance, clients need to follow some steps.

  • Finalising keywords

Clients first have to finalise keywords with SERP Consultancy’s team. In case the client isn’t sure about which keywords to target, SERP Consultancy can suggest a list of relevant keywords.

  • Choosing 5 keywords

For this strategy to work properly, clients need to select at least 5 keywords. There is an upper limit on providing keywords. SERP Consultancy provides a discount on the rank improvement pricing/billing in the following scenarios.

  • 5% discount if the client provides 6 to 10 keywords.
  • 15% discount if the client provides 11 to 20 keywords.
  • 25% discount if the client provides more than 20 keywords.
  • Sending keyword list

If the keyword list has already been compiled beforehand, the client can simply send it to SERP Consultancy along with their current Google rank data.

  • Final step

SERP Consultancy begins the process as soon as the keywords and current ranking are finalised.

Video Search Engine Optimisation at SERP Consultancy

Video SEO is a practice by digital marketers which aims to optimise a client’s video, accompanied by content for search engines through major video websites like Metcafe and YouTube. Once the content is optimised with the video, search engines will be able to display the results for videos more accurately, both in organic and video searches.

Incorporating video into an online marketing strategy has become a necessity these days. With video search engine optimisation, clients can see their company name on the top of the search engine results. People tend to click on a video link rather than a website link.

So how does a company benefit from Video SEO services?

  • Quick ranking

The top priority of an SEO strategist is to make a website rank on the first page of Google for their targeted keywords. Analysts agree that video SEO services are 53 times more effective in Google SERP for targeted keywords.

  • More traffic and conversion

Online video is becoming trendier day by day as evident from the large volume of visitors that sites like YouTube receive. Video SEO services can help brands gain more traffic or conversions for the client’s website.

  • Increasing brand awareness

With videos, clients can provide messages to their users which explain the products and services on offer as well as how users can benefit from them. As users get acquainted with an organisation, it will get additional branding benefits.

SERP Consultancy, with its team of experienced SEO professionals, can optimise the video along with the textual content associated with it. It applies various on-page and off-page techniques to videos to make the video rank higher in the search results.

SERP Consultancy submits the video to different video websites and directories to achieve maximum visibility with relative and effective content. It also submits various social bookmarking websites for far greater exposure.

SERP Consultancy provides various services besides SEO optimisation. To get a full picture of what SERP Consultancy has to offer, visit https://www.serp-consultancy.com/.

About SERP Consultancy

SERP Consultancy is an Indian, full-service digital marketing company based out of Kolkata. It specialises in providing SEO, PPC, SMM and Web Design services. This ISO 9001:2015 digital marketing agency is known for its ethical white hat approaches and proven expertise. SERP Consultancy is also among the top 5% of Google Partners who are able to achieve the Premier Partner status. This allows them to achieve the best possible ROI from any given budget.

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