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Drupal Upgrade And Migration: Challenges When Upgrading From Drupal 7 To 9

by johnduke
Drupal upgrade and migration

If you’re among the 47.6% of the Drupal sites currently running on Drupal 7, you may wonder what the upgrade route from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 looks like. What does it take to go forward with two Drupal versions look like? What are the primary hurdles in Drupal upgrade and migration from Drupal 7 to 9?

Read on to find out more and prepare yourself for what lies ahead.


Why Should You Update To Drupal 9?

The most recent version of Drupal, Drupal 9.4, has been out since June 2020. Approximately 600,000 websites are still using Drupal 7, which will be decommissioned in November 2023, leading to a drupal upgrade and migration. What about Drupal 8? Moving such websites to Drupal 8 is no longer practical as Drupal 8 was decommissioned in November 2021.

You can consider hiring a company that provides long-term maintenance for earlier Drupal versions and to help you with Drupal migration as well. Contact Srijan for this task!

Newer Drupal versions bring improvements in performance, but not all of these improvements can be backported to previous versions of the software. Even when they can, they are not as effective as they would be in the newer version.

For example, native image slow loading was implemented as the default setting in Drupal 9.4, which improves the user experience across all sites. The underlying software subsystems are updated with new major versions. It improves security, stability, and dependability. So, in order to experience the best performance of Drupal, it’s better we update it.


When Is The Best TimeTo Upgrade To Drupal 9?

It is best to begin the Drupal upgrade and migration as early as it is possible for you. Before encountering any security consequences connected to the termination of Drupal security support for previous versions, you must plan and execute a major platform transfer.

Assume your website is migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. Then, in order to make the upgrade to Drupal 9 go as quickly as possible, you’ll need to work on your information architecture.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top six major issues encountered while moving your website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9.


Drupal Upgrade And Migration: Significant Challenges When Migrating from Drupal 7 to 9

The easiest way to identify the sources of any issues with your Drupal 7 to 9 migration is to go through your error logs. Below are some of the most common challenges that you may encounter.

Malfunctioning Website

It is possible that after the migration process is completed, your website may barely function or seem broken. There can be a handful of reasons for this.

  • Issues With The Server: You may have to deal with a compromised server if you do not have all the necessary permissions or rights to access it. Get in touch with your hosting provider to resolve such an issue, whether it is a lack of memory or space.
  • Code Shortfalls: Complex Drupal 7 websites generally need custom code development for migration to Drupal 9. If not all custom conditions are fulfilled, your page will be broken. Seek the aid of a Drupal developer to create custom code or modules for the migration of your website and implement it successfully.
  • Outdated Versions of PHP/Libraries: Older versions of PHP or libraries may hinder the functioning of your site after migration.


Inability to Edit Pages

Issues with permissions may pose a challenge, and this may result in an inability to edit pages. You may face a 500 internal server error or a 403 error. The former could be because of several reasons including mismatches between the field formats, wrong indexing, missing fields, unclear code, aggregation, and more. The latter could be due to inaccurate permission transfers.

An unresponsive permissions page is another challenge that may pop up, and this can be solved by migrating the user roles and profiles properly with the help of a custom code.


Issues with Third-Party integrations

Third-party integrations like Marketo, Salesforce, and others may not work with your Drupal 9 site if the version of the necessary API is not updated as well.


Performance Issues

Drupal 7 has a different coding style as opposed to Drupal 9, and if a developer uses the same style instead of adjusting to the changes that Drupal 8 brought, your website will have performance issues.


Endnotes: Thinking Of Upgrading To Drupal 9?

Even with the assistance of automatic Drupal transfer tools, a lot may go wrong, especially if you are unfamiliar with the procedure. It may be a piece of cake for Drupal professionals, but it could be difficult for your staff.

With a long Drupal upgrade and migration journey waiting for you, you could use the assistance of professionals and partners. Contact Srijan to find out how experts can assist you.

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