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Do’s And Don’ts Of Live Streaming

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Do’s And Don'ts Of Live Streaming

If you have been considering a career in streaming, now is the time. Over 60% of people aged 18 to 24 watch live streams on a regular basis. Live Streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube continue to grow in popularity. Furthermore, one out of every five Facebook videos is already live. And these figures only scratch the surface. The live-streaming industry is rapidly expanding and shows no signs of slowing down. This guide will provide you with all of the live-streaming tips and tricks you need to get started or take your current streaming content to the next level. Learn what you will need to get started, how to make a professional-quality video, and how to expand your audience.

Basics Of Live Streaming

  • Set Your Goal

Many aspirants make a mistake at the start of their career that they don’t set a goal for live streaming. Before you start streaming, you should figure out why you want to do so. Your objective could increase your audience, build relationships with your followers, or simply gain more exposure for your content.

  • Content Of Your Stream 

You should decide what you will do on the stream after you have defined your goal. You can’t just sit around doing nothing, can you? What kind of content will pique your audience’s interest and help you get closer to your goal?

  • Configure Your Streaming Equipment

To get started, you don’t need a full professional studio, but you will need some basic streaming equipment. As any professional streamer will tell you, it’s critical to get your equipment set up properly: so that it works consistently for you. In terms of dependability, ensure that you have enough bandwidth to maintain a stable connection.


  • Choosing The Right Software For Live Streaming

Another important step is to select the best broadcasting software. There are numerous cool apps available on the market right now. Fortunately, the best ones are completely free to use. You can simply check LivePush streaming services. It is free and open-source, works with all streaming platforms, and provides fast and stable performance.

  • Choose A Live Streaming Platform

It’s time to decide on a platform to distribute your content. Select platforms that will work well with your content and audience. Twitch and YouTube Live, for example, are popular among gamers. Facebook Live and Instagram Live may be more appealing to a travel blogger.

So, now you have come this far. It is time for you to look at some do’s and don’ts of live streaming because there are some things that can make or break your image in front of your audience

Consistency Is The Key

When you begin to build an audience that genuinely enjoys your content, you become a part of their daily lives. It’s critical to stick to a regular schedule for your live streams. Inconsistent and irregular live streams irritate your audience, and you may lose followers as a result. It is a good idea to let your viewers know when you will be back live next so they know what to expect. You can also give services like amazon products images over a stream in order to increase your viewers on your stream.

Test Everything Before You Go Live

This is the shortest piece of streaming advice, but it is probably the most important. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a simple test. It can help you avoid making costly mistakes and put you on the fast track to success. Once you hit the live button you should be ready to deliver your content to your audience without any tensions in your mind.

Avoid Engaging In Inappropriate Behavior

You might be surprised to learn how many streamers’ careers have been ruined by inappropriate behavior. In the world of live streaming, foul language, sexist remarks, and racist jokes can be fatal.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Videos And Channel

Show the rest of the world what you are up to. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are excellent places to promote your content and gain more viewers. Do not forget to use trendy and catchy titles and hashtags. Promoting your videos on every possible social media platform is extremely efficient.

Trending Stream Topics

Live streaming is commonly used by gamers and professional content creators but with the pandemic, it has become one of the most important forms of entertainment. Live streaming has become a crucial marketing tool for companies, according to Manycam statistics, which reveal that between Q3 2020 and Q3 2021, streaming climbed by 21% globally. Additionally, 80% of customers said they preferred watching live videos from brands to reading blogs.

  • Retail Streaming

The true essence of live streaming is to engage with your audience as much as possible. And one of the forms of interaction is through shopping. You may go beyond typical viewing with live-stream e-commerce to create an engaging shopping experience for your audience. Brands all around the world have started to showcase their products through a live stream rather than advertising through traditional methods.

Also, if you are concerned that you can not deliver your product’s details through a live stream, there is an option to pre-record your streams too. This feature helps you to plan your content, record, edit, and then schedule it as a live stream.

  • Second Screen 

The second screen experience, which effectively offers spectators supplemental content that supports and enhances the main event, is a current trend in live streaming. For instance, the Phoenix Suns built a second-screen fan experience with live contests, exclusive interviews, and real-time involvement when they intended to engage fans during the 2020 NBA season when they weren’t allowed to be in the arena owing to Covid-19. Furthermore, it provided the Suns and its associated brands with marketing opportunities.

  • Game Live Streaming

The trend of live streaming emerged from the streaming of games. Gamers and traditional content creators used this platform originally. Later it was acquired by different genres of streaming and now it has evolved exceptionally. But even now, the audience of game streaming remains the same and it is still one of the forms of streaming that has the maximum reach. If you have a lack of content ideas then you must go for games. Choose a game that people love to watch and that creates a buzz in your stream.

Interact With Your Audience

One of the main reasons people enjoy watching live videos is the ability to directly communicate with streamers. Do not forget to interact with your viewers now that you are looking relaxed and confident. Enter the chat to respond to comments and questions, or to add your own commentary. Imagine you are having a conversation with a group of friends and acquaintances.

Establish A Genuine Relationship Before Collaboration

You may meet other creators with whom you instantly connect, just as you would in real life. However, there is no need to rush. Please familiarize yourself with another streamer’s content and show support before proposing a collaboration. If and when that love is returned, go for the collaboration. You can learn more about collaborating with other streamers and influencers by reading this blog post.

Develop Seo Titles And Descriptions

People frequently discover new videos via search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The same holds true for live videos and streamers. If you want your content to appear near the top of search results, you should write some catchy SEO titles and descriptions. Put your keywords in the title and description to get Google’s attention.

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