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Do’s And Don’ts For Styling Your Child In 2022

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For girls’ fashion tips and boys’ fashion tips, 3-inch heels and skinny ties cannot be recommended. Children’s clothing has come a long way, especially when it comes to designer wear for children. Kids streetwear has moved from the classic Oshkosh jumpsuit to the niche markets of most cities worldwide. Many of the styles you see in children’s stores are those you wear as adults. Our kids are exposed to fashion with early access to devices such as smartphones and screens of all sizes. Because of our increasingly connected world, they are more aware of the trending styles than we are. But the child must be a child, right? 

It’s easy to overdo it with a cute luxury brand for your little doll-believe us, we know! Whatever they wear looks gorgeous, but it’s up to you to make sure they look good and, most importantly, feel good. This is why here we’ll make you aware of some do’s and dont’s you should take care of while dressing up your child. Also, later in the article, we will familiarize you with the clothing store for toddler boys from where you can buy the desired clothes for your munchkins. 

Timeless Fashion Hacks For Kids 

Children’s styling can be difficult because it takes a lot of time to make them comfortable and long-wearing. Be mindful of what you shouldn’t and should do to style your child. Remember these 10 basic steps of your life to ease yourself while giving your toddlers a stylish look. 

Do’s while dressing up your munchkin. 

Follow these do’s while styling your munchkin to make him stand out from the crowd. 


Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to experiment and explore our children’s different designs and styles. So this time, remember to think outside the box and let yourself be free. Don’t hold yourself back from trying on different styles and patterns of baby clothes. Also, make sure that while experimenting with colors and designs, balance the bright and neutral colors. 

Stay Up To The Minute 

Always remember to make it easy. Choose the dress for your child or baby girl according to the different trends and styles of the season. Browse, explore, and shop accordingly. Following the trends will make giving your child a voguish look a lot easier. As trends themselves will give you a plethora of ideas to style your toddlers. Moreover, knowing about different trends can quickly help us create a better style.

Occasions and Celebrations 

Opportunities, celebrations, and even gatherings are endless, and wearing something for a long time can be a manic task for all of us. So choose one that is comfortable yet very stylish for your child. There are certain clothing store for boys and girls that delivers clothes for every occasion, so style and enjoy dressing up your child. 

Smart Choice 

With a plethora of options available in the market, it might get difficult to make a smart pick. But, always choose a color that stays with your style and trends. This is not only true for color, but it is also true for different designs and patterns. Bonus tip: Always try to pick smartly, i.e., choose something that is versatile. Meaning, pick something that can be styled and can be worn with different fashion pieces. 



We always want kids to feel the most comfortable in their clothes and still look stylish in the room. To stand out from the crowd, it is not necessary to sacrifice comfort. There are many fashion items that make your child dazzle the floor while being comfortable. All you have to do is to choose comfort over fashion. In addition, don’t choose anything just for the sake of trends, rather choose something that’ll provide both comfort and style.


Don’ts while styling your toddler

Ensure that you don’t blindly follow the trends and fashion to make your child look chic. 


Don’t Over Accessorise. 

Don’t overuse accessories such as earrings, hair bands, rubber bands with heavy girls’ dresses. Keep it subtle and simple. Kids are the cutest species on planet earth. They don’t need an extra style or fashion to look cute. Instead, for them, simple is cute. Therefore, don’t overdo it. Keep their overall look exquisite.


Seasonal Menu 

Remember that seasonal changes in wardrobe and children’s clothing styles are necessary. Matches fashion items for the summer, spring, autumn, and winter seasons. Choose your work based on where you live. Don’t buy too much. Moreover, choose the fabric that safeguards your child from the winter chills and scorching heat of the summer. 


No Blocking Of Extra Colors 

Do not use many colors at once. It is indubitably true that blocking colors is the new fashion, no matter which age group you are talking about. However, balance is indispensable. Thus, balance the overall look and see which color best matches the contrast of which color. Explore and experiment, but don’t dive into the opposite color match.


Fitted Clothes 

Get the ideal fit for your little ones. A perfect fit doesn’t only mean the perfect body fits. In the case of the child, it means those clothes that can be worn for a longer period. A child is always growing. So, remember to buy something that can be used for a longer time, until and unless you are looking for something specific to use once.


Material Pick 

Baby’s skin is the softest, and we can’t take risks. The material plays an important role in baby clothes. So choose wisely and know what kind of material you are looking for in your children’s wardrobe. Don’t step into something that will be very irritating and harsh on your child’s skin.

After learning these ten secrets, many of you may be in a dilemma about where to buy such clothes. For some, it may look like an uphill battle. But don’t panic. Here at Bailey Boys estore, we offer all varieties at reasonable prices. Bailey Boys is a clothing store for boys and girls both. The images displayed on the website will assist you in imagining what a particular fashion piece will look like on your muchkin. So why wait? Become part of this modern world with Bailey Boys. 

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