by Megha Anand

It is important to “Dog Proofing” your home before bringing your furry friends home. Getting a pet is a difficult decision, but you can’t deny how much joy they bring. Because they are family to you, it is critical that you make your home a safe haven for your pets. Certain types of furniture, windows, and even materials can be harmful to your furry friends.

Keep your trash locked up.
Dogs are attracted to the delicious smell of your trash and may consume items that are toxic, harmful, or indigestible, so keep your trash secure. Ingestion of foreign objects or toxic substances may result in expensive emergency surgeries.

Provide a safe haven for your dog.
Create a temperate zone in your home with your dog’s bed or blanket, some toys, and a water bowl where your dog can feel safe and easily nap during the day. This can assist your dog in self-soothing during stressful situations such as parties, a crying baby, or thunderstorms. If your dog was crate trained as a rescue puppy or when they first joined your family, keeping their crate open and available even after they no longer need it for training may provide them with a perfect place just for them that they will enjoy.

Keep household toxins locked away.
Keep household chemicals, such as cleaners and pesticides, out of your dog’s reach. Many intelligent dogs can and will get into items stored under the sink or in the garage. To seal cabinets containing toxic products, use dog-proofing locks.

Wash your dog’s belongings on a regular basis.
Germs, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants accumulate on your dog’s bedding, soft toys, and blankets. Make sure to wash these items on a weekly basis to keep them fresh and clean for your dog. If your dog has seasonal allergies, this can be especially beneficial in reducing pollen exposure.

Keep your dog away from human food.
Many human foods, such as chocolate, avocados, and onions, are toxic to dogs and can have serious consequences for their health. Keep human food out of reach, and be especially cautious with gum and candies, as many contain xylitol, a sugar-like substance toxic to dogs. Some human foods, such as plain chicken, canned pumpkin, or plain rice, may be intentionally recommended by your veterinarian for specific reasons such as digestive upset, diarrhoea, helping to conceal oral medication, or as highly motivating training treats in small quantities. In these cases, “human food” may be appropriate for your dog, but they should not lick your dinner plate or eat your leftovers.


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