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Digital Menu Boards

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Digital Menu Boards

Create Custom Digital Menu Boards in Minutes with Our New Software!

Creating a digital menu board can seem like an arduous task, but it doesn’t have to be! With our new software, you can create custom digital menu boards in minutes. Upload the files straight to your screen and spend more time taking orders and less time worrying about printing costs and management! We even offer free shipping so you don’t have to worry about. How you’re going to get your custom menu boards from point A to point B! Create as many as you want, just pay the one low price with our new software!

 Easy To Use

We’ve been creating digital menu boards for years and we’ve seen our fair share of software options. While there are many digital menu board options on the market. Most are either too expensive, too time consuming to use or both. That’s why we decided to develop Sign & Display Advertising providing Digital Menu Boards (SMD and digital signage player). A simple-to-use tool that is affordable and takes just minutes to create stunning displays. Whether you’re creating a digital signage system for your business. You want to simply update your menus at your restaurant or pub, SMD makes it easy and affordable. We’ve even developed SMD so that non-technical people can quickly. Create professional looking displays without any programming knowledge needed.

Change Prices Wirelessly

Did you know that over 50% of customers make their menu selections based on price? Did you also know that a single digit price difference can generate hundreds of dollars in extra profit per day? Now with Sign & Display Advertising’s new digital menu board software. Making pricing changes to your digital menu boards is a snap. Literally. Just use our unique Point-and-Click feature to enter your new prices into existing or new items. And have them wirelessly update on your digital menu boards right away! You’ll never have to worry about accidentally bumping a sign again and having it change all your prices at once when you don’t want it to.

Add Images

Images are a big part of any digital menu boards. They can displayed anywhere on your menu board, and they can tell a story about your food. It’s important to make sure your images look good when they’re shown in different resolutions. And that all of them look good from at least one angle. The best way to do that is to add several different pictures of an item before you show it on your menu board. Make sure each picture looks as good as possible when it’s viewed from at least one angle, so viewers can see what an item looks like before ordering it or looking at details on a computer screen or phone.

Edit Item Descriptions

The basics of digital menu boards involve creating digital signs with easy-to-read text and clear pictures of your food. While most people should be able to read and understand your menu board without any trouble, you should also edit item descriptions to ensure that they’re as accurate as possible. When customers order, you want them to receive exactly what they expected—so if there’s an item description that could confuse or frustrate customers, change it. Just make sure that everything is spelled correctly before putting a new version live on your sign; nothing will turn a customer off faster than reading an incorrect dish name.

 Change Font Sizes

Most menu boards make use of a small-font size, making them harder to read from a distance. And even if your menu board is well-lit, that won’t help you much if potential customers can’t read it. Make your digital menu boards stand out by changing font sizes, whether with larger numbers or even a different font altogether. This will keep your menu easy to read and appealing in appearance. It also gives you greater control over how your food is presented on screen (larger pictures of items will make meals more appetizing). Every restaurant owner wants his or her digital menu boards to used effectively—and our new software makes it easier than ever before!

Change Background Colors

The basics of digital menu boards, as many companies will tell you, is to use signage or other form of advertisement that helps sell your business. Making sure that you have great graphics and a professional look for your menu boards is extremely important in not only keeping customers but also attracting new ones. However, it isn’t always easy to do so. Today, people are on-the-go more than ever before and don’t have time to wait around while someone painstakingly creates their signs and menu boards with individual vinyl pieces – especially when they could be using digital menu board software instead!


Add Text Slideshows Section: Show HD Videos from YouTube Section: Multiple Menus For Each Screen Section: Option To Enable/Disable Sticky/Non-Sticky Items Section: Update From A Remote Location Section: Email Alerts For Updates Section: And Much More…

The basics of digital menu boards make your signage simple to update. But what if you want more? What if you want a slide show, or video, or a way to enable/disable certain items? We’ve got you covered with our new software! See below for details on each new feature – Add Text Slideshows: Create beautiful slideshow presentations in minutes with our easy-to-use text editor. Simply upload images from your computer and click publish – Show HD Videos from YouTube: Add YouTube videos to any screen in seconds by simply pasting in a URL. Videos can  set to play automatically when someone is looking at that screen. Multiple Menus For Each Screen: Each screen can have its own unique set of menus that updated independently from other screens.


Use The App to Manage Your Displays

Use our digital menu board software to quickly. Easily create custom digital menu boards, edit your prices, add images, item descriptions, scrolling text, slideshows, videos. Changes wirelessly updated to all your displays with minutes. Now you can access a beautiful interactive display for mobile or tablet devices from anywhere in seconds. Change your content on-the-go as you see fit – all from a central location. That’s what we call flexibility – and it’s just one of many reasons why our customers love Digital Sign & Display Advertising!

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