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Different Styles of Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

by johnie07
custom vape boxes

custom vape boxes could be considered an increasingly popular taking of cannabis. The practice is growing popular since it is said to be secure and a simple smoking method. Several kinds of cartridges meet the needs of various users. It can be challenging to choose which one to purchase.

Vape cartridge packaging boxes in various styles can help users decide the best product being offered. Thus, the company should concentrate on making the most acceptable customized vape cartridge packaging boxes.

This article will look at the various types of custom vape boxes that are custom-designed boxes available.


Packaging boxes for vape devices similar to this are made of a slim design. They are huge in length. They are specifically designed to hold cartridges that are 0.5ml and 1ml. They’ll be the correct dimensions to ensure that they remain secure within.

custom vape boxes

custom vape boxes

The boxes are typically robust and straightforward for shoppers to make use of. Retailers like this design because it takes up less space in the retail store. They are easy to store, too. Those who want to look stylish can enhance the look with gold foil or UV coating.


The boxes for packaging vape cartridges are distinctive in design and appearance. They have a flip-top panel. It is easy to open and close the customized vape cartridge packaging boxes constructed in this fashion.

They are attractive, but they could be enhanced by adding company logos, stunning colors, and distinct characteristics. The packaging is made of cigarettes.


If you want to market the cartridges in shops, pharmacies, and medical nurseries can choose to purchase customized Vape Cartridge packaging containers with a retail hanger.

Due to its massive size, it’s possible to put additional information on the packaging boxes for vape cartridges as opposed to the smaller ones. The hand tab above lets shopkeepers display the different types of displays. So, your item will be placed in a conspicuous and prominent location.


These boxes for custom vape boxes are ideal for items that need to have special inserts. They’re made of a combination of cardboard and plastic.

custom vape boxes

custom vape boxes

The cartridge will be placed in the same place where it is in the place wherein set cards are. Then, you cover it with a plastic sheet. Custom Vape Cartridge packaging containers could be reasonably priced. You can write your personal information on the cards as there’s space available.


Those who need containers for custom vape cartridge packaging boxes immediately can buy custom-designed boxes. They’re great for those with limited concepts. The colors could include black, white, gold, or black. There’s plenty of space on the back and the front for labels and other stickers.

Below are some customized vape cartridge packaging designs you can pick to promote your product. They can be used in various ways and will allow you to advertise your brand positively.

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