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Differences between Residential painters and Commercial painters

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For most people, residential painting and commercial painting are the same services that painter offers to their clients. Painting is painting, how does it matter if it’s residential or commercial right? No, it’s not true all the time. They are certain residential paintings in differences in residential and commercial painting. Let’s have a look at them.

Difference between commercial painting and residential painting

Commercial and residential painting is not the same. The contrast between the two kinds of painting is listed below

Size of the project

The extent of the painting project is a sign of the kind of painting service requires. Residential painting includes painting of houses, living spaces, condominiums, and townhouses. Interior and exterior painting of a house is done in residential painting. Whereas commercial painting is focussed on larger projects from retail shops to shopping malls, from airports to industrial buildings.


Residential painting projects demand less number of painters as the scope of these projects is small. While in commercial painting larger buildings would need a larger number of painters so that the large area of the building is been covered to meet the deadlines given by the clients.


As residential painting solely focuses on smaller projects compared to the commercial ones, the equipment and materials that is been used aren’t too distant from the paint supplies that a homeowner gets which include painting brush, painting trays, drop cloth, step ladders, cleaning materials. 

Types of paints used in the residential painting are from glossy to flat. The glossy paints are shiny and they reflect maximum light while flat paints absorb the light which helps to hide the imperfects on the walls. Commercial painters need to have much more experience than residential painters as they have to work on various surfaces like marble, metals, metal, concrete, reinforced plastic, and a lot more kinds of surfaces. 

The equipment used by commercial painters in Auckland is also diverse from pressure washers to paint sprayers, from scaffolding to aerial lifts. They also have expertise in using industrial-grade paints, tints, primers, and other coatings.


Residential painters usually work for eight hours, during the weekdays only. However, the scheduling of residential painting depends completely on their clients. If a client wants their work to get completed soon, then the painters would work on weekends too just to complete the work as early as possible. 

Whereas in the case of commercial painting, scheduling is done by business owners. Scheduling for commercial painting is sometimes quite challenging, as many businessmen want to keep their buildings open for their customers while the painting project is going on.


The service delivered by residential painters is usually less challenging. However, the in-home renovation also includes trim, deck staining, and siding. Not only this, the residential painters are well trained to deal with various exterior surfaces like wood, concrete, stucco, metal, fiber cement, and vinyl. 

Commercial painting contractors offer more services than residential painters including industrial painting and layer coating, metalizing, sandblasting, epoxy, special surface preparations, and other business-related services. 

Along with interior and exterior paintings commercial painters also provides services like Brick Waterproofing, High Durability Coatings, Stencilling, Concrete ceiling Repair, and many more services.

Some painting contractors offer either of the two services while some painting services provide both services.

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