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Dental Offices: Vital Advice For Digital Marketing

by Tim Ambrose
Digital marketing

It is critical to develop an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy for your dental practice if you want it to expand. After all, this is how possible new patients are going to look for you. To assist you in getting started with digital marketing for your dental business, our SEO for dentists has compiled seven recommendations for you to use.

Guarantee That Your Google My Business Page Is Optimised.

Every company needs to have a Google My Business (GMB) page, but this is especially important for dental offices that are actively trying to acquire people from the surrounding community. It is a foolproof method for increasing the number of people that visit your website via search engines. In addition, if your Google My Business page is well optimised and you have a high rating on Google Reviews, prospective patients who reside in the area are more likely to click to call without even going to your website if you have a great Google Review rating.

More than five per cent of people that see a GMB page end up completing the desired action (e.g. a link click or a website visit). A well-optimised Google My Business page has the potential to bring in fifty new customers each and every month. Considering that the majority of companies get an average of about one thousand search views each month Have a look at our suggestions for improving the performance of your GMB profile here.

Don’t Discount The Importance Of Seo.

Without SEO for dentist, a digital marketing plan for a dental business is incomplete. Because Google is where the vast majority of people seek a dentist, you need to make sure that people can find you easily when they do relevant online searches. Develop a solid keyword plan and make sure that on-site technical SEO adjustments are carried out regularly.

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Create A Weblog.

Blogs are wonderful for increasing search engine optimization, and they also help you position your company as an authoritative and experienced voice on all matters relating to dentistry and the services that you provide. Both of these benefits are possible thanks to blogs. Create a content schedule that comprises relevant blog subjects by giving some thought to the questions that your patients ask you regularly or the things they are interested in learning more about. The material needs to be one of a kind, interesting, and instructional. For the sake of search engine optimization, you should also make it a point to centre each of your blog posts around one of your primary keywords.

Request Feedback From Customers.

Putting your company and brand in a position where they are seen as trustworthy and reputable is a vital component of the marketing plan for any dental office. Patients-to-be need to be reassured that they may put their medical and cosmetic dental needs in capable hands and expect them to be satisfied with high quality.

Put yourself in their position: you are looking for a general practitioner or a dentist in your neighbourhood. You want to see evidence that the dental practice you are thinking about selecting offers a service that is both professional and of high quality, and that the staff really cares about the people they treat. You wouldn’t join up for practice if the reviews were terrible or there were none at all, would you? Consequently, you should devise a plan for gathering input from patients. This might include asking in-person following visits, sending an automated text message or promotional email for example based on dental implant marketing, or any combination of the three.

Make An Investment In A Fantastic Website.

Your dental office now has a storefront online that is open around the clock. If you have a slick, professional website that loads quickly and is simple to use, prospective patients will subconsciously identify this quality with your company as a whole, which will unconsciously increase the likelihood that they will trust you. Visitors will immediately leave your site if it is sluggish and seems to have not been updated in a long time. In fact, studies have shown that a delay of even one second in the amount of time it takes for a website to load may result in a drop in conversion rate of 7%. People are in a hurry to get dental treatment because they don’t want to wait!

Have A Social Media Presence

The use of social media presents a wonderful chance to demonstrate to the people who follow you that dentistry does not have to be dull. For a more personal touch, you should have a combination of articles that are instructional and informative as well as ones that are more fun and engaging. Put on display the diverse range of individuals and characters that make up your company. Why not ask any of your patients who have had cosmetic dental work done if they would be willing to show off their new smiles? If you provide cosmetic dentistry treatments, this would be a great opportunity. Utilising short-form video material, which is now the most popular and widely consumed sort of content shared on social media, is still another strategy.

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Use Email Marketing

You can build up automated email campaigns for your patient lists if you have access to email marketing tools such as MailChimp or Hubspot. Both of these programmes are examples. After the campaign has been organised, there is nothing further that has to be done on your end. When one of your patients is overdue for either a checkup or an appointment with the hygienist, they will be sent an email reminder. You are also able to develop customised campaigns to present patients with up-to-date information about deals and new services.

Get in contact with us if you’d like more helpful advice on developing an effective digital marketing plan with personalised dental practice services for your practice. 


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