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Custom Eyeshadow Boxes give your eyeshadow a sense of exclusivity on the shelf.

by robenzeigler123

Custom Eyeshadow Boxes are one of the most popular makeup items in the cosmetic market, and women use them to enhance the appearance of their eyes for any special occasion, such as a party, wedding, or birthday. They are easily drawn to goods that make them appear lovely, stunning, and self-assure. They will not be drawn to your eyeshadow packaging if they are displayed in ugly boxes in the cosmetic aisles. Not only will your sales drop if you do this, but you’ll also lose credibility.

Get Custom Eyeshadow Packaging Boxes Designed to Your Specifications and Boost Popularity

Women will not buy or be pushed to buy your eyeshadows if they cannot tell if the hue meets their needs. If you show your eyeshadow colors in boxes that do not have a PVC window die-cut into them, your eye cosmetics will almost certainly remain on the cosmetic shelf indefinitely. Custom eyeshadow boxes with a perfectly added die-cut window can work wonders in allowing clients to see the different shades of your eyeshadows up close and personal, allowing them to make a better purchasing decision. To give distinctiveness to your goods, you can add different shapes of PVC windows to the boxes. You can go with a typical square shaped window to give your consumers a full view of the product within, or you can be creative and use a heart, round, bird, or any other shape to pique their interest. Our skilled die-cutters use advanced machinery and their combined skills to cut a window in your required eyeshadow packaging, which proves to be a perfect gesture in highlighting your product in the eyes of potential buyers and allowing them to easily perceive their desired eyeshadow shade without having to open the box before purchasing.

customization of your custom eyeshadow boxes

Furthermore, you can add to the customization of your custom eyeshadow boxes by choosing from a choice of finishing options to make your items stand out on shelves and entice clients to buy your eyeshadows. Choose spot UV to highlight your business name and logo on the box surface, a gloss finish for added appeal, or matte lamination to give your box packaging a distinct sense of touch when buyers pick them up and appreciate the design. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that clients will not only choose you over the competition, but will also return to buy your goods again and again.

Eyeshadows are one of the most delicate types of eye makeup, and they can quickly shattered by bumps, impacts, and when they fall to the floor. When women go out, they usually carry them in their handbags. They would be furious if they discovered that their eyeshadows had broken inside their bags and the powder had scattered throughout their possessions. Custom eyeshadow packing boxes made of high-strength cardboard are the ideal answer for keeping this scenario under control and allowing clients to open their bags to a well-formed eyeshadow. Our material analysts have years of knowledge and can help you select the optimum material thickness to give complete peace of mind for your customers that their eyeshadows will not be harmed, their bags will remain clean, and most importantly, the eyeshadows will remain in excellent condition. 

The majority of cosmetic businesses are looking for ways to make their clients’ lives easier by using simple box opening/closing techniques. Separate your eyeshadow packaging from the rest by choosing from our 250+ box styles, which not only provide a unique and convenient unboxing experience for your customers, but also allow them to simply pluck open the box, pull out the eye embellisher, and use it to beautify their eyes without any difficulty.

What Makes SirePrinting So Special?

We’ve been making and supplying high-quality boxes in the United States and Canada for decades to meet customers’ packaging demands. We make such high-quality eyeshadow boxes that your goods and brand will stand out from the crowd. Whatever your preferences for the boxes are, we’ve got you covere at every turn, and as a manufacturer, we only charge you wholesale prices. Our sales specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have about box customizations. This will ensure that your eyeshadows have eye-catching visual elements that will attract potential purchasers at a low cost. Our expert staff members produce high-quality boxes to meet your specific needs with no minimum order, allowing you to introduce different unique shades of eyeshadows in smaller quantities, from 100 to as many as you need, in the competitive market to observe customer behavior and plan your marketing strategy. There’s no need to be concerned about the quality of the boxes because we have hand-picked certified quality control specialists that meticulously inspect the entire production process to ensure that nothing in your box design causes you any problems. You can also order production-grade samples from us to see if all of your design and printing requirement for the box have been met. Last but not least, we offer free shipping by utilizing our relationships with the top logistic firms, which not only lowers your overall expenditures but also delivers the boxes straight to your doorstep. As a result, you will avoid the trouble of having to go to a pick-up location and take possession of the boxes. Order now by calling (410) 834-9965, or send an email to [email protected] for more information about your specific needs.


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